So a lot has been written about the amendments to the Finance Bill 2017. A lot has been written about it because of the many amendments that were brought in the Bill that was quickly cleared through the Lok Sabha. 

The Rajya Sabha never got to see it since it was categorised as a Money Bill and has since been protesting about some of the more controversial sections introduced including compulsory Aadhaar linking to PAN and unlimited donations to political parties from industrial houses. 

So there’s this epic explainer on the Finance Bill written by Meghnad S for Newslaundry which explains what exactly is wrong with what the government did with the Finance Bill. 

And now another Twitter user @Commoner4u has decided to get into why it is important to question the amendments that have been made in the Finance Bill and not just for this government. 

The user points out that any political party in the future that comes to power at the Centre will have the same powers at its disposal and why that isn’t a comforting thought. 

Check it out: