A JDS Municipal councillor finds himself in trouble after a video footage purported to show him assaulting a woman, an Independent councillor, has gone viral. The incident took place on March 11 during the election to the Vice President’s and President’s posts of the Koppala city municipality, Koppala Superintendent of Police K Thiayagarjan said. 

“JDS member Channabasappa Kothihal in a fit of anger slapped the independent woman member Vijaya Hiremath for not raising the hand in support of BJP candidate,” he said. A day before, on March 10, the woman councillor had decided to vote for the BJP candidate, but changed her stance, which angered Kothihal and in a fit anger slapped her in full public view, Thiayagarajan said. Kothihal has countered the charges. 

The incident captured in a video footage has gone viral on the social media prompting many prominent JDS leaders to condemn the attack. JDS leader Danish Ali condemned the assault and assured strict action against Kothihal.

“We condemn such ugly act ….also do not approve it. Such things are not allowed in a civilised society,” he said. Vijaya had registered a complaint against Kothihal for assault and outraging the modesty of woman, Thiayagarajan said.

The accused is absconding and the police are searching for him, he added. However, Kothihal has filed a counter complaint against Vijaya alleging that it was she who first abused him and beat him up, before he slapped her, Thiayagarajan said. 

(Feature image source: Twitter/India Today)