Impressive in stature and looked at by many in awe, leaders around the world are capable of hugely influencing the lives of millions of people. Decisions taken by them have rippling effects which reach far and wide. Many have carved their own way through life with immense struggle and despite several challenges, clambered to the top. They too, however, at some point in their lives were young and naive, made mistakes and faced fears about the future. 

These pictures of some hugely influential people when they were young will leave you awestruck. Many faces reveal the toll it took on them, to live their journeys. 

Adolf Hitler, consistent about the moustache.

Angela Merkel, out camping with friends. 

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam as a wee baby with the same bright smile! 

Barack Obama, lookin’ fly.

Bashar al-Assad, with the same striking set of eyes.

Bill Clinton, looking like one of the popular kids in a high school movie. 

Dalai Lama, with a twinkle in his eyes.

Donald Trump, looking like Biff from Back to the Future. 

Hillary Clinton, as a young college lady. 

Indira Gandhi, before the white streak.

Jayalalitha, as a young actress.

Joseph Stalin, a suave young man.

Mahatma Gandhi as a young lad.

Margaret Thatcher, looking prim and proper as always.

Narendra Modi as a young boy with dreams.

Nelson Mandela, an inspiration for many.

Pope Francis, whoa! 

Queen Elizabeth as a WWII vehicle driver.

Rahul Gandhi retained some of his looks.

Richard Nixon with his steely gaze.

Saddam Hussein, what a change!

Vladimir Putin, with the same enigmatic eyes.

Justin Trudeau, the heart-throb, then and now.

Sure they are powerful, but these pictures remind us that they’re just as human as the rest of us.