The stage is set for the biggest battle of the times. Two powerful clans are ready to fight it out in the largest arena of the world, fighting for control over the largest kingdom.


A battle where both sides have their allies and foes, and are willing to play as dirty as they can to win. But before we get to the main foes, we must get a background of the times.


As we speak, Obama is set to bring the curtains down on a long, illustrious career as the patriarch. Righteous, able and just, Pitashri Bhishma Obama was revered by one and all for his vision, valour, and sense of humour. He embarked on military adventures to capture the most wanted enemy of the time, but also pulled out of unnecessary wars and bloodshed (or at least positioned his decisions as such). Both Bhishma and Obama were burdened by their own greatness and legacy. The former by undertaking the Bhishma Pratigyan, the latter by being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize three months into his presidency.

b’Barack Obama | Source: Reutersxc2xa0′

While they were revered and hailed as able and just, their time has passed. It is time for the baton to be passed on to the next generation.

On one side, you have Hillary Clinton, Queen Mother Kunti – the matriarch who is fighting to keep the family legacy alive. True to the Democrat spirit, Kunti was the original extreme socialist, advising her sons to share Draupadi; unlike a capitalist setup where Arjuna would have reaped the benefits of talent and hard work. There was Bernie Sanders, the Vidhur of the epic – wise, just, and knowledgeable – but lacking the lineage to go for the throne. And so it is up to Kunti to keep her family’s legacy alive.

b’Hillary xc2xa0Clinton | Source: Reutersxc2xa0′

Hillary, like Kunti, is the wife of a flawed husband. While Pandu is cursed to a life without fornication, Hillary had to deal with Billy Boy, who liked to do the Raas Leela with any lady who caught his fancy. With the Mahabharata being the epic that it is, there are no black and white characters. Kunti has skeletons in her cupboard too. Karna-sized mistakes that were quietly sent away on the river, only to float back on the high tides of Wikileaks.

And who do we have on the other side? The Big D. Duryodhan Trump.


Looming large on the opposite side, he is proud, vain, and firmly believes he has the rightful claim to the throne. An outsider to the world of Dharma and Democracy, the Big D will leave no stone (or dice) unturned to ensure his victory.

b’Donald Trump | Source: AFP’

Trump built his power and wealth by building palatial towers and casinos, and Duryodhan’s greatest victory was achieved over a game of dice. They both carry murky pasts – Duryodhan having asked another’s wife to sit on his lap. And Donald professing a liking for grabbing women by the pussy.

The Big D is aware that most of the world is against him, that he is hated and ridiculed. And yet, he shall pursue on relentlessly till his goal is achieved.

Even though the epic has no black and white characters, people will find one side greyer than the other. Most of the intellectual world roots for Hillary, in the same manner that the Pandavas had the support of the “moral, intellectual” class of that time. But that’s the thing about the epics; they have a way of springing surprises on you.


b’The White House as pictured at dusk | Source: Reutersxc2xa0′

There is however, one vital difference. Epics are driven by the narrative, by fate, destiny and god’s will. This epic however, will be determined by human beings. Ordinary mortals have been given the right to decide who will be the rightful leader. They will use their numbers to alter the course of history.

By this time tomorrow, the greatest war of our times will ensue, followed eagerly by the many allies on each side. The entire world will stop what they are doing to find out the result of the greatest battle on earth. By this time tomorrow, we will have a clear victor.

Deviyon aur Sajjanon, at the risk of sounding like a repetitive Sanjaya, I must admit – this is going to be epic!

Feature Image Source: Reuters