Men are jealous. Women are smitten. 

Hell, even Donald Trump couldn’t evade this man’s charm. But Justin Trudeau casually went around oozing his charm and making people wish that he’d pull a Love Actually on Donald Trump. But life isn’t always as dreamy as a movie now, is it? 

That Trudeau has become an international treasure is not even news anymore. And from equating him to Hugh Grant’s character in Love Actually to snapping every woman’s reaction to his irresistible magnetism, the public (and the media) has done everything to fuel the fire. Such is the craze that the other day, a photo of the Prime Minister’s derriere was the cause of furor on the internet!

Well, the world can’t have enough of Trudeau and neither can we. So, here are some photos of the Prime Minister from his younger days. 

Sit back and marvel at this charming world leader. 

Younger but still such a charmer. 


This countryside boy is the current Canadian Prime Minister. Who would’ve thought, right? 


Yup, he had his fair share of crazy days, just like the rest of us.  


The man sure has an undeniable and irresistible charm. 


Good looks run in the family. His father, in his younger days, was quite a stunner too. 


Now this is a man who’s passionate and destined for great things. 


All men have a long hair phase and young Justin was no different. 


Look at him confidently carrying off that fringed mustard jacket! 


That smile sure can light up the room, isn’t it? 


Well, the beard isn’t a surprise considering there’s a little bit of French in him.  


He did a movie called the Great War where he played a Canadian war hero, Talbot Papineau. 


Attractive, witty, smart and charming. How can one person be so perfect? 


After his brother passed away in an avalanche, Justin has been at the forefront of creating awareness. 


Look at the blessed couple. A match made in heaven, isn’t it? 


And here he is rocking a kurta pyjama like it’s no big thing! 


Just being the perfect Justin Trudeau! 


Wit, intelligence, charm and good looks, this man’s got everything!