To keep things in order, government officials need to take some crucial steps from time to time. Some of these steps come in the form of social messages. You know, sarkar dwara janhit mein jaari? 

But sometimes, it's the unintentional humour that takes away from the message that needs to be conveyed. As is the case with these social messages right here. Check 'em out.

1. More like chhota packet bada dhamaka?

Source: Tribe of dardnaak jokes

2. Nothing to b(r)ag about here.

Source: Robzone

3. Yeh koi  'time' hai pyaar karne ka?

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4. It's things like these that question your beliefs. 

Source: Quora

5. Everyone should be allowed

Source: Funny pics

6. R.I.P sentence structuring. 

Source: Mallujokes

7. The officials really believe in our strength. 

Source: Damn cool

8. Because savdhani hati, durghatna ghati. 

Source: Full Popat

9. That's a weird motivation to build a toilet.   

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10. Don't drink and drive. Well, don't lech and drive either. 

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11. I can almost imagine Eminem rapping this.

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12. Ahem...Okay.

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13. Khoon ki nadiyaan beh jaayengi!

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14. Spare the belt and spoil the child. 

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15. Stop this shit right now!

Source: Reddit

16. Toilet, ek train katha. 

Source: fullpopat

Who says we don't have a sense of humour?