Queen is undoubtedly every woman's favourite movie. If not the most favourite, it's definitely in the top five. It broke the stereotypes around a woman needing a man to discover herself and gave her the idea that she can be her own hero.

So, of course, it doesn't come as a surprise when the movie is getting its own remake. Oh, my bad, not just one remake, but four!

Source: Hungry Sher

The movie has been remade into four different languages -- Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu. The teasers for the same have just released and each of the movies look exactly the same with the cast and language being different. That is definitely a unique approach to catering to people of diverse languages in our country.

Tamannaah Bhatia stars as the protagonist in the Telugu version, Kajal Aggarwal in the Tamil one, Manjima Mohan in the Malayalam, followed by Parul Yadav, who is also one of the producers of the films, in the Kannada version.

Watch the That is Mahalakshmi (Telugu) teaser here.

Watch the Paris Paris (Tamil) teaser here.

Watch the Zam Zam (Malayalam) teaser here.

And lastly, watch the Butterfly (Kannada) teaser here.

Can't wait!