There is a long held mindset about gender-specific roles that society just isn’t ready to let go. Most of the times we girls just ignore the sexist comment that people pass at us because no one can help their collective idiocy. However sometimes these people come ahead and ask point blank sexist questions to our face and we so wish we could be sarcastic with them. But then again bado ka lihaaj karna chahiye so we still let it go! Yes, imagine our patience and tolerance level dude. However, if we could speak our minds freely, I’m sure this is what most of us would say. Take note girls, this might come in handy like “today”!

People seem to say these things very casually without even realising that they are being sexist. It’s a long way to go for society. Until then you can use these comebacks to vent out all that pent up frustration. I know men are stereotyped too, but not as much as women. This makes me think, Wouldn’t we all love to live in a society that doesn’t have gender-specific biases?

Designs by Saurabh Rathore.

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