Life’s at a point is a deja vu of things. Our parents, at this juncture in their life, probably relive their life in a different setting, with a lot more at our disposal than theirs. And as life goes on, with the fault of taking-for-granted on our end, we end up spending less time with the people who spent their life around us. With the way we millennials are ambitiously going through life, it’s a possibility that our parents’ generation could be the last one that lived as selflessly. We’re the ones who try to replace the time lost with expensive gifts. 

But for just one day, let’s keep aside that busy schedule. This father’s day, try giving your father the things he loves the most and believe you us, nothing lost from your pocket will give him the joy these simple things would.

Going back in time and giving him some of yours is priceless. Let’s do this?

Design credits: Utkarsh Tyagi