From new kids on the block, to veterans of the field (so to say), Indian stand-up comedians have been making us laugh for a long time. 

Indian Express

But amidst all their trademark punchlines and funny jokes, Indian stand-up comedians have raised comments on issues that are relevant to the society, and which people, especially those in prominent positions, are not speaking enough about.

Here are thirty comments that prove that more times than not, the comedians in India make the most sense! 

1. Vir Das on paparazzi.

2. Rohan Joshi on extreme rivalry between political party followers.

3. Vipul Goyal on the change in tax structure.

4. Vir Das on the recent farmer agitation in Mumbai.

5. Sonali Thakker on tourism ministry’s suggestions for female tourists. 

6. Atul Khatri on the recent farmer agitation in Mumbai.

7. Biswa Kalya Rath on the problem of consent with men. 

8. Daniel Fernandes on marital rape.

9. Kunal Kamra on sensationalized patriotism.

10. Neeti Palta on women safety during Holi.

11. Vir Das on the raising ‘anti-national’ questions.

12. Varun Grover on typical male behavior (as part of his famous piece on Padmaavat).

13. Sorabh Pant on the despicable media behavior after Sridevi’s death. 

14. Sapan Verma on illogical menstruation taboos

15. Vir Das on women safety. 

16. Radhika Vaz on honor killing. 

17. Sorabh Pant on restriction on female clothing.

18. Atul Khatri on Nirav Modi fraud. 

19. Ashish Shakya on Padmaavat controversy. 

20. Rohan Joshi on skewed female

21. Sorabh Pant on Aadhaar linking. 

22. Radhika Vaz on negative effects of sexism. 

23. Radhika Vaz on abortion. 

24. Abhishek Upmanyu on homosexuality.

25. Neeti Palta on Women’s Day. 

26. Mallika Dua on media activities post Sridevi’s death. 

27. Abhishek Upmanyu on feminism.

28. Aditi Mittal on women safety. 

29. Kunal Kamra on GST and demonitization. 

30. Vipul Goyal on Rahul Gandhi.

I guess, when there is little else that makes sense, we can always fall back on a good dose of laughter! 

Designs by Nupur Agrawal.