“It’s not the tears we cry that hurt us, but the one’s we struggle not to cry for they drip within our sad and weary hearts.” - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Crying our heart out is much more than a symptom of sadness. Therapists say, it is an emotional release mechanism good for our mental health.

In this beautiful poem, Rakesh Tiwari talks about the importance of crying and not holding on to things for long.

He talks about those times when all we want is just an escape from this unjust world, looking for moments where we can be with ourselves.

He goes on to say that while we hide our sadness behind a smile, crying can help us let go of those negative emotions, feel at ease, both physically and mentally.

Further, in the poem Tiwari talks about one of his friends, Gaurav whom he lost to mental health issues. Gaurav could never learn to express his feelings and this is what led to his demise. 

Maybe, because our society always thinks that crying is for weak people. 

He concludes by saying that success and smiles will start making more sense once we learn to accept the realities of life. 

Listen to the entire poem here.

Design Credits: Saloni Priya