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Jun 22, 2016 at 17:55

Ever Wondered About Those Irritating Numbers That Appear On Your TV Screen? Here’s What They Mean

by Shruti Pillai

It happens quite often when we're watching our favourite shows, but it's hardly noticeable and we're usually too engrossed in watching what the saas will say to the bahu next. So not many of us have thought to question it. But the little strip of random numbers that appears on our TV screens from time to time actually has a reason behind it!

The seemingly random set of numbers that appears in a corner of the television screen are a part of anti-piracy measures taken by channels.

Source: Team BHP


The number you see on your screen is one that is generated uniquely for your region using an algorithm by the channel. It is inserted into video streaming at random points so that it can't be taken down by using video processing algorithms.

So if someone attempts to replicate the video being broadcast either with a camera or a screen recording device, the 'random' number will then be a part of the copy.

Source: Voice N Data


Using this number, the media company can then track down the place of recording and find the people responsible for the pirated content.

Well, pirates. You have all been warned.


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