It’s 2019 and the first (is it?) internet challenge of the year has already dropped; what with people all over the world posting transformation pictures from 10 years ago. 

We, too, decided to take up the challenge to see how much the world and our country has changed – in terms of society, development and environment – over a span of 10 years. 

Here are the changes that stand out most.   

Note: The figures mentioned here are average statistical inferences drawn from the most recent surveys conducted at national and global levels. 

With the current reading being one taken from this morning, Delhi’s air quality makes the city one of the most polluted in the world right now. 

While our wildlife conservation authorities have managed to increase the number of tigers in the country, according to the most recent surveys conducted in 2016-17; our national animal is still at risk with the number of deaths increasing. 

The Indian tiger reserve survey for 2018 is due this year and we shall wait to see what the results are.  

Yes, India has progressed. In more ways than we expected. 

But, we do have a long way to go, nevertheless. 

India has been climbing the ranks – slowly, but surely – according to the most recent statistics by the World Economic Forum

However, the rank is still an average number and women, in every professional field are still fighting to prove why pay parity should be their right. As if it isn’t enough that we have to justify why we are/aren’t subject to violence and abuse. 

The following numbers speak for themselves. 

Statistics taken from the National Crime Reports Bureau for the above mentioned years detail, at length the long way we have to go to eliminate, or even have better call to action for violence against women. 

These figures are merely approximations of the most recent statistical analyses provided for the scenarios, by the NCRB and are just as alarming. 

While the amount of rape cases reported do mean that we are becoming aware, it also makes us wonder, how many remained undisclosed in the past. How many are being raped every day? 

And that’s India, at large; in a few statistical comparisons. 

When we talk about global development, cities have no doubt developed for the better. 

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But there’s no denying that civilisations have been torn apart. 


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While we have progressed, it has come at a price that the entire human race is paying.  

Human encroachment has torn the wild apart. 

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And the effects are deep-seated. 

Global warming has showed no signs of slowing down. 

Household plastic now threatens our entire civilisation. 

All this is within a span of 10 years. The real challenge is to check ourselves and begs to ask the question: 

Where are we headed?