In 2010, when the CBSE 10th board exam results popped up on the internet, everybody had different reactions to my mark sheet. 

My parents were more or less happy that I didn’t completely suck. 

As a woke kid with no expectations from life, I was just glad that my parents weren’t pissed.

I mean, us small-town kids, we didn’t just get lectures. We got the chappal! 

Hindustan Times

As for the rest of the world that shouldn’t have been concerned with this topic, ironically opinions and sadness and pity came pouring in. 

Now, 8 years later, I would like to quote The Rock to them. 


Everyone who thought the 10th boards was me waking up from the dreams of a glorious future, was profoundly mistaken. 

Because to be honest, I am doing just fine.


I graduated in commerce and then managed to get into one the best journalism colleges in the country, worked at a reputed news institution before I made my stop here. 


And hell, I even got my own place in the capital, adopted two dogs and to think, I am just getting started. Huh!


I am no Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. So do not mistake this as bragging. 

The truth is that our education system is flawed. 


As are the people around you. And on most days, they will put you down, if you allow them to. 

All you need to do is find your own calling and follow it to the end of the line. 

So anyone whose results did not reflect the expectations, do not worry. You are 16 and have a long way to go. Your mark sheet does not necessarily reflect your skill set or your talent. For all you know, you haven’t found your calling yet.