Yes yes, we know we spend a considerable amount of time harping on about how the 90s was the best era ever. And how kids these days will never understand what it felt like living through the 90s. But then what to do? The 90s were cool in every sense of the word. 

As proven by these kickass 90s things. Take a look.

1. Pager

Before WhatsApp, there was the pager helping manage those messages. 


2. Raja aur Rancho 

A detective solving crimes with a monkey as a sidekick? Take that, Sherlock and Watson. 


3. Tazos

You know what was cooler than Tazos back in the 90s?

Getting two Tazos in a single bag of chips.


5. One-Shoulder sling bags

So what if they looked like you were wearing a saree ka pallu? There was a time when these messenger sling bags were lit AF.


6. Nokia 3310

It had the snake game. End of argument. 


7. Puffy stickers

Let’s face it. Our almirahs weren’t complete without at least a dozen of them adorning them. 


8. This screensaver

Perhaps the biggest incentive of going to the computer labs back in school was this cool screensaver we could ogle at on the school computers.


9. Multicoloured pens

It was like having a rainbow in your pen.

Ali Express

10. Fashion inspired by Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Back in the day, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was our unofficial guide to getting an awesome fashion sense. Thanks, Rahul, Anjali and Tina.


11. Shaktimaan

India’s first superhero also remains India’s coolest one. 

Times Now Hindi

12. Nick Carter hairstyle and mushroom cut

Before Tere Naam, there was Nick Carter. And of course, that mushroom cut was always on fleek. 

Smart videos

13. Dungarees open on one side

Because both sides buttoned was always too mainstream. 

Daily Mail

14. Spikes hairstyle

This was our license to swag back in the 90s.


15. Tic Tac hair clips

Clip on one of these and you’re sorted for that party. 


16. Milton water bottles

Thank you for quenching our thirst. And upping our style quotient. 


17. MS Paint

Admit it. A majority of our time in computer classes was spent scribbling on this. 


18. Zipzicle ice-cream

Bas kholo, kaato aur kha lo.


19. Chewing gum tattoos 

Yes, they made a lot of us look cool.


20. Kodak cameras

We could always count on them to make our memories look cooler.


21. The Walkman

Adding background scores to our lives since the 90s.

Daily Mail

22. Cordless phones

The thrill of being able to take your calls to another room was super exciting back then.


23. Flared jeans

You were a fashion icon if you had one of these. 


24. Toy watches

Perhaps the only time when people used to look at the watch instead of the time.


25. This bird that used to fly

This always used to get the guests’ attention.


26. Apple iMac

You were the Tony Stark of your class if you had it.


27. Duck Hunt

Shooting virtual ducks via an actual gun from outside the screen? Coolest shiz ever!

Old classic retro gaming

28. Fancy pencil boxes 

If you had one of these, everybody automatically wanted to be your best friend. 


29. Zee Horror Show and Aahat

They might look tacky now, but back then, they used to give us nightmares. ‘Nuff said.

Horror cine

30. Cricket cards 

Yes, we loved Center Fresh, but more than that, we used to love the cricketing cards we used to get with it.


31. Distributing sweets in class on birthdays

I couldn’t have done it today even if somebody paid me to do it. But back then, this was something to look forward to.

Culture bowl

Those were the best days of our lives.