Hey there, 90s kid, I was expecting you.

Today we are talking about one of the darkest and most underrated shows of our times on Cartoon Network, Courage The Cowardly Dog.


Courage aka Sherdil, the dog who spent most of each episode being scared shitless, and to be honest he had every the reason to shit his imaginary dog pants. There were aliens who’d take over the world, terrifying cats, huge-ass whales that lived on land and what not…just lurking around their small cottage tucked away from civilization.


The dog lived with an old couple, Muriel and Eustace. They weren’t really #couplegoals but depicted the typical relationship at that phase of the life instead. Eustace was usually busy in his own charades and gave almost zero fucks about anyone or anything.


What made the show great was Eustace’s hatred for Courage and Muriel’s unconditional love for the good bwoy! Eustace would do all manner of mean things to the poor dog. Remember ‘Naasamjh doggy’? 


But what about Courage? Well, like every other dog, he loved them both, equally! Why else would he save him every time if he didn’t?


The show wasn’t like every other cartoon show running on television at that time, it had some hardcore shit going on, like three plagues in a single night.


Or a psycho criminal who involved the entire family into life-threatening situations. 


Or even this weird walking talking fish.


Or this bee which could suck your blood like nectar from flowers! Now that I think about it, maybe this show wasn’t really meant for our young minds. But I digress.


The thing is, no wonder why our hero, Courage, gets scared on countless occasions.


But, that was the beauty of the show! Courage, ‘the cowardly dog’ would get terrified, be clueless and shit his pants at the start but always managed to fight his fear to save not only himself but his entire family. Even when he got the opportunity to run away from the bad guys, he wouldn’t. Instead, he’d make some ingenious plan that would ensure that the bad guys never get what they want. But mainly, he’d push one through his fear.


It’s like Mufasa says in The Lion King. Everyone has felt fear. Everyone at some point or the other, has been scared shitless. The point is, accepting that fear and getting through it. Just like Courage.

One can definitely take a few lessons of courage from this dog who loved his hoomans unconditionally.


 Thank you for making my childhood great! And yes, we miss you a lot, Courage. 

PS: A special shoutout to his amazing super-se-bhi-upar-computer.