“Listen, we’re planning to go clubbing tonight. You in?”

I looked up from my laptop. It was a colleague of mine grinning triumphantly. 

“It’s World Party Day today,” he added, probably to answer the query in my eyes. “So we thought jab baaki saare days celebrate karte hain, toh why not celebrate this as well!”

“Ummm, I have a lot of work, so I dunno…” I said meekly.

“Come on, man! You never come with us. Chal le na! There’s gonna be booze, music and dance!” he said while demonstrating a thumka.

“No, you guys carry on. I- – I’ll join you if I get free early,” I said.

We both knew I was lying. But thankfully, he didn’t persist further.

Had he been patient enough and stuck around, I’d have explained to him that I’m not anti-social.

Nor am I an introvert.

I don’t hate people.

I don’t even hate partying for that matter.

It’s just that my idea of a ‘party’ is a bit different from the present definition it holds.


My idea of an ideal party involves sitting down with my group of friends over a peaceful session of coffee/beer/nimbu paani/rasna and talking.

Talking being the key word here.

My idea of an ideal party involves a basic one-to-one connect. Where you have a basic idea about the people you’re sitting with. Where you have atleast a minimal interaction with everybody over the course of the party.

Not entering a crammed, claustrophobic space, getting lost in a sea of sweaty unruly bunch of people, and then shouting out to one another over a shitty Himesh Reshammiya remix.

Not begging the bouncers to have mercy and give us stag entry.

And definitely not dealing with strangers throwing up in all directions.

Call me old fashioned but I just don’t understand people waiting in queues outside clubs like RPM, waiting for their turn to ‘have a good time’ (read: DJ playing trashy remixes of even trashier Bollywood songs at full blast).

What happened to those good ol’ days when music was used to create ambience and not distort it? 

Since when did a trashy music system come in between heartfelt conversations? 

Why do people want music to be literally drilled into their ears?


Even by definition, a party means “a social gathering of invited guests, typically involving eating, drinking, and entertainment”.

Notice how nowhere it says that the guests will be subjected to deafness inducing music.

Notice how nowhere it says that the guests will be made to dance amongst thousands of others with minimal breathing space.

And as if the loud music and overpriced beer wasn’t enough, add to that the exorbitant entry fees all these clubs and pubs charge.

I mean, paying ₹4,000 to get a headache?

Thanks, but no thanks. 

Deccan Chronicle

In the wake of the above mentioned argument, isn’t it a better deal to sit down with your friends and actually spend time instead of wasting it? 

Having said that, it’s your money at the end of the day. Spend it on all the overpriced drinks in the pubs and clubs if you want. 

But then again, think about it.


I’m done with my work now. A friend of mine has organized a small get-together at her place. Not too many people, just us old friends. I’m planning to go. Rest assured, it’s gonna be one hell of a ‘party’.