When the Supreme Court issued a ban on the sale of crackers, we thought Delhi would be spared of last year’s smoke. And till 6 PM last night, we thought it had worked. And then the Delhi, as we know it, woke up.

The Hindu

But Oh Delhi! How the high & mighty have fallen! Just like always, you couldn’t help yourself from marinating in the mass hysteria of burning gunpowder wrapped tightly in paper. You liked the noise, the lights and the theatricality.

India Today

Cut to less than 12 hours later, you are swimming in a pool of ash, breathing in the very air that you shit on in the name of honouring your traditions. You do know that Diwali comes from Dipavali, right?


Which means the only thing you need to do to celebrate is light diyaas.


But who could stop you, when your intelligence forces you to ignore the Supreme Court and listen to some guy called Chetan Bhagat.  

You chose to listen to a man whose works make Twilight look Shakespearean, especially when scientists all over the world warned you about committing mass suicide and killing many others in the process.

India Today

And this is not the first time. This might be a little tough on your memory but remember when the Metro was launched? You spent no time in vandalising it. But we moved on. 


And then the government introduced a Swachch Bharat Abhiyan and while it looked good on camera, you still threw that plastic bottle from your cars onto the streets. 

India Today

And even after reports of molestations and rapes and the inherent sexism on your streets and in your homes, you still go on mass singing Bol Na Aunty Aau Kya at one of the biggest social hubs in the city.


Admittedly, this morning, the smog and the air was not as bad as last year. So, congratulations on that! What this means is that all is not lost. You still have hope. 


But you are spiralling down too fast. We hope that you take your meds and start mending. Because we still believe in you, and we will stand with you.