If you’ve ever lived in a hostel, you have definitely heard of that one haunted room on the campus. Your skeptical self might have laughed at it but then there are those who claim to have been touched with the paranormal and their experiences will scare the shit out you. 


Back when I was studying in Banting, there was a bathroom on the third floor which we think is haunted because, on some nights, the water would be boiling hot. It should be impossible because there are no heaters in our showers, so the water is supposed to be cold or at least room temperature. So whenever the water turns hot, girls would run out in their towels, screaming. We heard that apparently before they built the college, it was a factory that dealt with manufacturing chemicals. There were rumours that many employees died because of some chemicals, including getting burned. 


Your ghost stories
My friends and I went on a trip to the coast, for four nights. The 11 of us shared a room in a hostel of sorts. My bed (a bunk bed) was pushed up right against the wall, so there was no way anything could get down there as I couldn’t even fit my hand through the gap. Keep that in mind. On the first day, I awoke in the middle of the night… I turned to the wall and saw a woman hanging down my bed, in a white nightdress with long dark hair, covered in blood. I screamed and grabbed a torch to look closer, but nothing was there. My friends all woke up and asked who screamed, but I was too scared to reply. I thought maybe my friends were pranking me, but how could anything fit down the side of my bed?  


One night, sometime after midnight, my friend felt something hitting the back of his neck when he was studying at his desk. So he turned to look over his shoulder but saw nothing. He went back to his book but felt the hitting again. This continued to happen every night at the same time at the same place. It affected his sleep.  One day, he bumped into an old janitor who’d been working at the university for years. Seeing him so tired, the janitor jokingly asked, “Didn’t sleep last night?” So the student told the old man about the hitting he felt in his room. The old janitor told the student to move out of that room immediately, refusing to explain when the student asked him why. Apparently, years ago, a girl hanged herself in that room sometime after midnight. The hitting that the student felt was quite possibly the girl’s feet hitting the back of his neck because her body swung slightly when she committed suicide.


My school gives us all laptops for the school year. I had never used the camera on it but one night in my friends and I were goofing around and decided to make videos on it. A week later, we went back through the camera roll to see what we shot. There were pictures of me sleeping. My laptop had been locked in my cupboard every night since we made videos. 


I used to live in a hostel (Room 307) that was supposedly haunted by a student who committed suicide back in the day. We had a security guard quit on day one after he allegedly saw her. My first month in the hostel, I heard noises outside my room. So I used the peephole to look outside. I saw a girl in a red dress and red heels with classic good looks walk on the corridor at 3 in the night. She didn’t notice me and just kept strolling. I was relieved that she didn’t acknowledge me at all until she stared back at me through the peephole, dead in the eyes and said: ‘knock knock’. 


My hostel’s warden used to live with us with his family. One night, his 6-year old went to bed with a slight fever but passed away the next morning. After her funeral, my roommate and I decided to look after their pet cat. So we went to their house and my friend decided to look in their bedroom. She was going behind the curtains, when she felt something brushing her foot. She thought that the cat might be around and so she started calling her name. Which is when she felt like someone slapped her in the foot. She looked around and there was nothing. After half an hour of searching, we gave up and locked the room. When we told the warden about what happened, he went pale and sunk down to his knees crying. He told us that he used to play hide and seek with his daughter and she used to hide behind the curtains. Whenever he was close to her, she would grab his ankles, slap and pinch them.  


I was new to the boarding school. And I was also new to the concept of common toilets. One night, I woke up with the urgent need to pee. Still half asleep, I rushed to the toilet, only to see my grandmom sitting on the toilet without locking the door. I immediately apologised and close the door. I leaned against the opposite wall holding my pee, only to realise that I wasn’t at home. And my granny had passed away 6 months ago. 


So my roommate entered our room in the night and I wasn’t at my desk or in my bed. Then she saw that the bathroom door was half open, but it was dark inside. She called out my name, and from inside the loo, someone replied ‘Hmm’, and the door creaked slightly so she believed I was inside. She left the room and suddenly saw that I was out in the corridor coming back to the room.


I went inside a loo and my friend was waiting outside the door for me. Suddenly, the light went off and it became pitch dark. My friend said she would wait for outside, at the loo entrance. Just when I was figuring my way out, I bumped into someone and held her arm. “Hello? Who is this? I can’t see you,” I asked the dark figure whose face I could not see, but got no response. I tried again: “Have you also bunked class?,” I kept asking, but my voice was the only one that I could hear. Why was she not replying to my repeated questions? I could hear her breathe, so I was sure somebody was there. I shook her arm vigorously, trying to get her to answer. It shook like there was no body attached to it! A chill ran down my spine and I sprinted my way out howling, still trying to figure out what had just happened. There was nothing that could possibly be suspended right in the middle of the washroom. It was an arm. My friend waiting outside said she was standing there the whole time and that nobody had gone inside. Meanwhile, the lights came back. Still scared, I went inside with my friend, but there was no one inside. Not a single soul.


I was in the second year of my college and lived in a single seater room in the hostel. I am a night owl and usually don’t sleep before dusk. This one particular day, just when I was about to close my eyes, I saw a shadow pass by the window of my room. Seconds later, I felt someone sitting on my chest and pinning me down. Perplexed, I assembled some courage and after minutes of twitching overpowered the body. I was terrified and moved out of the hostel soon.


Many years ago there was a fire in the building where the Morgan Hall now stands. A security guard, trying to get everyone out of the building, was forced to push some of the students down the stairs. All of them made it out of the building but, unfortunately, the security guard did not. Sometimes students feel a push from behind when descending the stairs of Morgan. It is the ghostly security guard, Max, still trying to save them from the fire.


Once there was a very bright student who was doing a great deal of scientific research, often working late into the night. Her professor was very pleased with her work and gave her a lot of attention. This also pleased the student, until she found out he was stealing her work and publishing it as his own. One night the professor visited her while she was working. She confronted him with her knowledge of his theft. He panicked and stabbed her to death, leaving the knife embedded in her lifeless body. To this day, every now and then, students who study in Zabriskie late into the night may be approached by a student who asks, “Would you please pull this knife out of my back?” If you pull the knife out, she will try to kill you with it.


In 2014, a few friends decided to crash in my dorm room. Around 2 AM we started watching The Conjuring. All of us fell asleep except John and I. In the film at 03:07 the clock stops, except our laptop shut down at the exact same time. We thought that was weird but exactly then one of my friends got up, looked up at the ceiling and screamed “DON’T DO IT. DON’T DO IT”. This went on for about 10 secs before everything went back to normal. In the morning, when the word spread, we found out that a little girl had been hanged right where he was looking, 5 years ago. 

Now we are not saying that this shit is for real but it’s sure is scary as hell.