WhatsApp, a medium of instant chatting on our smartphones through which we can stay in touch and share ‘funny’ media. On a normal day, you get relatively few messages (depending on how socially active you are) but during festivals or special occasions, the phone just blows up (no, not like Samsung Galaxy) with hundreds of messages.

SB Nation

Now, this was bothering me for long, but, I lost my shit when my ex, the girl who never talks to me anymore sent me a fancy New Year’s wish. The problem is that I know it was a mass forward, she just had my name in her contact list and I got a message from her. It’s not that she cares about wishing me a happy new year, it’s just her half-hearted attempt to wish all her friends.


And no, it was not just my ex. My brother’s ex, my sister’s ex, my ex-boss, my gym instructor and a dozen of others people who don’t even know me but have my number. And, they wished me like they have an immense amount of love for me, yes, with at least 20 kiss emojis in their forwards. 


Then there are people who don’t even take any efforts in sending some text, they just either forward a video or some image with some crappy photoshop work. If deleting the 1.28 GBs of repetitive images and videos from your phone makes it a ‘Happy New Year’, then yes, I had a fuckin’ awesome start to my year.

WhatsApp Lover

I was still pretty much okay with everything, but, then one of my close friends got pissed at me for not replying to his New Year wish.

“Haan, ab tu kyu reply karega, bohot busy ho gaya hai na ajkal?”

I stared at his message for a couple of minutes and realised, no, I possibly coudn’t possibly explain it to him without getting into a fight.

So, here I am, asking everyone, why should I reply to a message that I already got from 10 other people, with the same punctuation, overuse of emojis and bad grammar?


I don’t know about you guys, but a simple message reading, “Happy New Year, Sandy.” would have made me a lot happier than a long-ass-fancy forward which you sent me without even thinking about me for once.

Best Animations

Forget about acquaintances but it hurts when even your best of friends just drops a random forward, just for the heck of it. It’s better to not send a message than these vague wishes.

And yeah, I wish you all a Happy New Year.