*All the opinions expressed in this article are that of the writer’s friend. The writer himself believes in working hard. Just like his boss Sonali. Whom he loves and respects. So please don’t fire him.*

Dear Boss,

There’s something about December. Something, that makes working very difficult. And no, I’m not talking about the cold. I’m talking about the festive season that’s inherent to this month. I’m talking about Christmas and New Year’s eve.

However, I’m unable to enjoy any of these. I’m unable to soak in the Christmas spirit because I’m busy.

Busy working (against my will).

Yes, dearest boss, it’s very, very difficult to work in these celebratory times. It’s very difficult to walk into the office and curate for news when images of your friends partying are filling up your FB timeline. You might’ve seen me typing furiously on my keyboard all the time and sending you the occasional e-mails. You might’ve seen me pitching you ideas. You might’ve seen me online even after office hours.

Okay, maybe not the last one.

But let me tell you that doing all the remaining ones is taking a LOT of effort. Feigning interest is becoming tougher by the day.

This is the time of the month when I just wanna curl up in my bed, order some good food and watch a movie. This is the time of the month when I want to go out with my friends and check out decorations around the city. But no. I’m spending my time covering shit some politician might’ve said.

And to add insult to injury, I somehow manage to get some work or the other every time I think I can sneak out early. Now that’s painful.

Hence, all I’m asking you ‘dearest’ boss, is to take it a little easy. I know that work is important but in the words of renowned poet Shri Salman Khan:

“Jeene ke hain chaar din, baaki hain bekaar din.

Jaaye jaaye, ek baar jo jaaye jawani, phir na aaye.”

So what if I might end up taking 2 days to finish an article? So what if I might come a little late to the office and would want to leave a little early? Christmas comes but once in a year. So maybe, it’s your time to play Santa. 

And I’m not even asking you for an off. I’m not even asking you for a half day. All I’m asking you is to turn a blind eye to me spending some more time with my office homies outside. 

There’s a high probability that you might not have a life (yeah, I’ve seen you online even on Sundays) but you must try to understand that it’s humanly impossible to pitch ideas when all one wants to do is listen to songs and watch Christmas-themed movies. 

I can’t even tell you the number of friends I’ve lost throughout the year, thanks to your deadlines. And now could’ve been my last attempt to redeem myself. But no, in all likelihood I’ll have to cancel that pre-Christmas get-together because you MIGHT decide to have a last minute team meeting.

Now you might say “But look at me! I’m working. And I’m not complaining. So why can’t you?” Well then, I’m afraid to say that there might be something wrong with you psychologically. You REEALLLYY need to get out and experience the city at this point of time. Don’t deny yourself this one simple pleasure. If you want, we can go out for a couple of drinks. 

Okay fine, you can pay for the drinks. Happy?

Having said that, I hope you’ll take some time to ponder over my present grievances and allow me to soak in some Christmas spirit.

Yours sincerely,

Abhijeet Bhatt  Joshua Moraes