Many women feel that if they do not orgasm during every sexual encounter, there might be something wrong with them. 

Around 75% of women can never achieve an orgasm through vaginal intercourse and about 10 to 15 % never orgasm.

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Some of them get so worried they end up not experiencing any pleasure at all. This feeling is exactly what orgasm anxiety is about.

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Orgasm anxiety–like all the issues that revolve around sex and mental health–is equally important, and yes, we need to talk about it. 


Since female sexuality and pleasure aren’t discussed in an open and accepting way, women mostly try to figure it all out by themselves.


And let me tell you, in many cases where women fake it, orgasm anxiety is the reason. 


There are many reasons behind orgasm anxiety. Here are some of them:

1. Critical thoughts toward one’s body.

2. Perceiving sex as immoral or bad.

3. Fear of arousing repressed sadness.

4. Fear of being vulnerable.

5. Fear of arousing repressed memories of abuse and trauma.

6. Fear of loss of control. 

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According to a survey commissioned by REAL magazine, three-quarters of women weren’t happy with their body shape and around 71% had an issue with their weight.


Whatever your reason may be, you can help yourself by taking some simple, empowering steps. The first one is to accept that you have orgasm anxiety.

Speak up

It is important to speak up during sex if you don’t like it. Do not assume that it’s your fault or you owe it to your partner. Remember, your comfort should be your priority.

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Lack of conversation with your partner can also create insecurity in them. In these cases, it becomes even more important that you talk openly.

Explore your body

Till the time you do not explore your body, you’ll never know how amazing you are. Hence, knowing your pleasure points or in other words, masturbation is important. It does not only help you relax but also gives you a better understanding of your sensations.


Reach out

Like any other psychological issue, orgasm anxiety can also be connected to issues from the past or present that have not been addressed. It is best if one tries reaching out for professional help. There is no shame in looking for answers.

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Remember, you deserve to feel better.