I’m surrounded by people with pets; cats, dogs, guinea pigs, parakeets, and many such variety of indoor-friendly wildlife that epople choose to pet and purr over.

And then there is me. Call me unfeeling, cold, and stone-hearted, but no matter how much pressure on my ovaries a mammal or other such mobile creature has put, I will never be able to live with under one roof. I love those furballs, no doubt. But forming an emotional connection, giving them constant attention,  and being on your toes – that’s too taxing and a lot of work.

Which is why plants are it. They’re positive, colourful, and make me constantly aware that survival for the meek is not impossible yet! I mean, when have you ever heard of a plant snapping back at its owner?

Floors By Remeo And Company

They’re absolutely low on maintenance. There’s no brushing the mane, watching out for the mating season, no heartbreaking diseases – nothing.

All your plant(s) will ever need is water, sunlight, and sometimes flower food – the last not even being a prerequisite. It’ll just be a treat you’d want to give once in a while. If you have a cactus or an orchid, you won’t even have to bother with watering them often. You can bring out all the nurturing instinct within you and shower it all over the place and them. 

Quick Meme

There is almost no residential space that won’t work for them. You can place them on the windowsill, near the entrance door or even hang them from the wall – they’re just fine anywhere.

You won’t have friends-not-coming-over-because-they’re-scared-of-animals days (it’s a legit fear). There will not be a single landlord/lady who’ll tell you ditch your money-plant for accommodation on his/her property. Isn’t that the life we want with pets? Isn’t it the rosy picture that’s always painted?

First Time Mommy

There won’t be any sleepless nights because of your pet. You will not be kept awake by any constant howling or meowing. You will never be snapped at while feeding them.

There will be no neighbours asking you to mind your noisy pet, there’ll be no stink-eye following because the night before was noisy, and most importantly, no cleaning poop. All this, and you’d still have a pet in the house, the silent mate who’ll never interfere with your life.

On Sizzle

They might not run to you when you come home or become a puddle of cute on your lap, but they’ll be there, cleansing the air and growing more beautiful with each passing day.

My plants cannot come up to me and cuddle, but there’s a positivity that rekindles my senses everyday. Not to sound like a spiritual seeker that I’m not, but walking into my room and looking at my plants in so many corners, it just washes away any strain I’ve felt through the day. Not like the warm body against yours in the morning, but in its subtlety, like when you see a new flower is on the way.


They do not take up too much space or social energy, and can be left unattended for days. At no point will your lifestyle be a hindrance to the life of your pet.

Not just that, you do not have to train them to not disrupt your life. They just won’t. They’re the most positive, colourful, docile beings that’ll grace your home and life. They’ll just be there – pumping out oxygen, making your house a little more inhabitable and beautiful. Also, they’re the best decor you could ask for.

Plants are a thing of absolute beauty. They’re green, positive, and so symbolic of life! Not to forget the wonderful feeling of walking into your house, with the absolute surety that none of your stuff has been chomped off or scratched. There’s a reason why flowers in a bouquet are not as beautiful as the one you see beaming and breathing. These are the pets that show that life without tantrums is a possibility, making them the best!

Of course, you can buy a cat to pet and purr back at – whatever gives you the joy you deserve.