There was a point of time when Delhi still had some pink in its lungs. When my dad would say, “let’s walk to Nehru Park” and we’d stroll our way to a picnic. The idea of that seems laughable now. Our average air quality index (AQI) hit 446 today morning, indicating severe pollution.


Over 80,000 trucks running on kerosene and diesel go in and out of Delhi every night, decimating the environment in the process. 


Power plants within the city release way more pollutants than permissible. 


More than 10,000 people die every year due to pollution. Basically, things have been shit for over a decade, and it makes me want to get the fuck out of Delhi.


In fact, that’s literally the advice given by doctors to most people suffering from respiratory ailments – Leave Delhi. But it’s not just the appalling air situation that’s made Delhi unappealing. It’s shit like this –


Literally any place that seems like it might offer some respite from the morally overbearing aunty that is Delhi is soon overrun by the worst of the worst. Women’s safety is an absolute joke in Delhi – a really, really terrible joke.


Then there’s the godforsaken traffic, and all the overheads it brings with it, like road rage. Delhi actually had the highest number of road fatalities in India in 2015 , with 1622 deaths that year. If you ride a 2-wheeler, you’re almost certain to have an accident.


With such a total clusterfuck underway right outside our doors, it really feels like it’s time to just freakin’ leave. The Delhi I liked is gone, and things have gotten so bad I can barely even remember what it was like back in the day. Delhi – you’re unsafe, unhealthy and you’ve come completely undone.