There’s a lot of things wrong with our country, and the first step towards fixing them is to accept them. Unfortunately, we seem to be stuck in a bit of a loop, a loop of not really learning anything that’ll help us move forward as a country, not just economically but intellectually as well.

Here’s a few things we might never learn. 

1. India tends to take itself a little too seriously

Remember the whole Shashi Tharoor tweet fiasco. A reporter asked in a tweet if Tharoor would travel “cattle class” next time. Tharoor tweeted back, “Absolutely, in cattle class out of solidarity with all our holy cows!” and the country erupted. Most people protesting didn’t even get the fact that he wasn’t even being derisive. And don’t even get me started on jokes about our myriad gods, that can get you killed.

2. India is shamefully racist 

India has a ludicrous history of discrimination based on skin colour, which honestly makes no sense. From fairness cream ads around every corner billboard to the despicable racial attack on Nigerians in Noida recently, we really don’t know how to treat people who aren’t ‘fair and lovely’ equally.

3. India still hasn’t accepted that sex is normal 

It’s exhausting trying to explain to people that sex isn’t something taboo that has to be discussed behind closed doors. The sad part is, that’s how it’s viewed around most of the country, despite our rather… should I say sultry, history.

4. India has a habit of blaming women for the actions of men  

There’s been way too many instances of men blaming women for the attacks and indiscretions they endure. A lot of it takes the form of blaming short dresses on women for the actions of men, which is wholly ridiculous.

5. India has a very weird relationship with its food  

One word – beef.

6. India just can’t accept live-in relationships 

The term live-in couple itself draws an orchestra of ‘hawws’, and for an unmarried couple to find a place to stay is nigh impossible. Then of course, there’s the cases of groups attacking couples on Valentine’s Day and even trying to forcefully marry some of them off.

7. India has very vague obscenity laws 

Section 294 of the IPC, which most members of the moral police brigade cite, doesn’t actually define obscenity. Almost any public display of affection in India is made under fear of reprisal from multiple religious hardliners. It’s sad.

8. India’s censor board is a joke that leaves a bad taste in your mouth 

If you needed any more convincing, just look at the blustering buffoon that is Pahlaj Nihalani. He mumbles, grumbles and stumbles his way through every single intimate scene, and then decides to deny that movie a certificate.

9. India doesn’t understand the difference between nationalism and pride 

There’s a very clear difference between pride in your own country and fanatic nationalism. It’s characterised by an awareness of your country’s faults, and accepting that we still have a way to go.

10. India has a problem understanding logical discourse and debate 

Questioning the government or army automatically makes you a sickular leftist. Questioning religion makes you a disrespectful atheist. The essence of freedom lies in being allowed to question and talk about everything.

11. India needs to realise that talking over someone is pointless 

Arnab Goswami’s gradual transition into a loudspeaker is now complete, but that doesn’t mean we should accept it. Talking over someone doesn’t make your point any more effective, especially if it’s an exasperating farrago of… you know the rest. 

Is there hope?

Designs by Vineet Kumar.