Remember how in Scooby Doo, the monster always used to be someone hiding in plain sight? 

Which is how life is. It’s always someone who attracts the least amount of suspicion that ultimately turns out to be the greatest villain.

Just like the third day of the week, Wednesday.


It’s true, people. I know that for the longest time, Monday has been at the receiving end of our abuses. But looks like the week had been hiding a bigger villain all this while. A villain that goes by the name of Wednesday.


Allow me to explain.

Monday is what it is. It’s the beginning of the week. It happens to be a weekly reality. But Wednesday gives you a very dangerous illusion.

Considering that it falls halfway into the week, it gives you hope that the worst is over. 

That the weekend is just around the corner. 

That it’s smooth sailing from now.

But see, that’s where it gets tricky. It’s actually just the middle of the week, and you have an equal distance to cover. 

Which is why most people wake up on a Thursday morning with a ‘weekover’.


“What’s a weekover?” you ask.

Well, a weekover is like a hangover but worse. It’s a by-product of Wednesday. It’s a feeling you get on a Thursday morning that the week is almost over, but you soon realize that it isn’t.

That Wednesday just fucked with your mind.

That it gave you false hope.



Don’t get fooled, people. Because the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist.