To every woman ever,

I may not have the cure for cramps, but I do have the next best thing — memes. Let’s cry-laugh together reminiscing about our misery.

1. Your acne situation.

2. When your period decides to start unannounced.

3. On the anxiety of a late period.

4. This awkward feeling.

5. When food cravings are a serious business.

6. When you're in pain, but still slayin'.

7. This rarest of rare occurrence.

8. Cry. Sulk. Repeat.

9. Because waking up to a pool of blood is a legit concern.

10. For real, though.

11. When your uterus is the literal embodiment of PMS.

12. And is also a blatant liar.

13. How do we ever explain this?

14. This acrobatic move we have to master.

15. When we can think of literally nothing else.

Design credits: Nupur Agarwal