As much as films romanticize college and school relationships, they’re not all perfect. They come with their share of work – specifically because it’s an entirely different phase of life. Of course, we’d like to believe in a meet-cute and a fairy tale ending, but everyone has different experiences. It may not work out always, but most times, the experience is worth it.

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So, Redditors shared their stories of college romance, and too many of these are very relatable.

1. “I was never interested in relationships and saw all my friends being cringy and breaking up/patching up again all the time. Instead I just had crazy fun with friends. Planned outings all the time. Bowling and ice skating everyday. I don’t regret it at all. Now I am dating my best friend and he is the coolest guy!”


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2. “Spent some time back and forth. Ended up with nothing and being ghosted. Twice.”


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3. “Joined tier two engineering college. Started falling for a girl due to our mutual interest in anime, she was also the class topper. Dated for 1.5 years. She moved to US for MS but I wanted to stay back. Tried long distance, but couldn’t.”


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4. “Hopeless. Fun. Disaster.”


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5. “It was hidden, dated a senior for 3 years and nobody knew except my 3 best friends. When we got married 4 years after passing college, told everyone one it was an arranged marriage since our parents know each other. Having a relationship out in public is not taken very well in my small town.”


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6. “Entered college and met this person only I found attractive. Fucked two years for a compulsive lying sociopath.”


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7. “Got into mechanical stream in a state college. Had a crush on a girl in another stream who friend-zoned me. Continued being friends with her, lost touch with her after college. Got into a B-school after a few years of job and came to same city as her. Got in touch, started dating. Took 5 years to convince our parents to let us marry. Now, we’re expecting a baby together.”


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8. “Fell in love with a childhood crush in my first year of graduation. 7 years of a roller coaster relationship – on, off, long distance, different career choices, sacrifices, convincing parents, convincing each other that it will work. Now, after 9 years of blissful married life, we’ve spent our lives across the country & outside as well. Not giving up on what felt right was the best thing we could do!”


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9. “I went to a women’s college in DU, and networked with many nice and interesting people while organising events. Also rejected all the guys because of the shitty guy I had been dating since high school.”


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10. “Online college – have never seen a classmate or college IRL.”


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We blame rom-coms for the unrealistic expectations.