Half of the magic and chemistry in a relationship has to do with how you spend time bonding in a platonic way rather than sexual. It’s the little inside jokes, cute play fights and pranks that also contribute to the spark in the relationship. That’s probably why, this Reddit thread started by u/Cavernrock asking other people what playful things they do to keep things alive and fun in their relationship has so many great responses. Here, take a look.

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1. “Not a game per se, but my girlfriend is studying abroad in the Netherlands right now. Since our time zones are 6 hours apart, she calls me in the afternoon when she is going to bed and let’s me do my ‘Podcast,’ which is where I ramble to her, until she falls asleep.

She doesn’t respond, and sometimes requests particular topics beforehand, but I’ve found it’s an excellent way to get my thoughts out of my head and help her go to sleep at the same time!”


2. “Not really a game, but I love being tightly rolled with a blanket and being carried like a giant burrito. I also enjoy blanket forts.”


3. “This was with my first girlfriend. Sometimes when we kissed, we would blow into the other person’s mouth because it ruins the moment and makes their cheeks puff up. Eventually I came up with a counter-move. Stick your tongue in to block the air and so they end up inflating their own cheeks. There were many times when we’d be very cautiously kissing each other after having gotten each other to swear on calling it a truce.”


4. “Knowing how she cares a lot about language correctness, I make up words just to see her wince.”


5. “My husband is very particular about his socks. How he folds them to be paired and (obviously) they have to be matched. Sometimes I wear odd socks to watch his eye twitch, and occasionally I raid his sock drawer and mismatch his socks. It always ends in a squealing chase around the house, followed by tickle wars and inevitably some sexy time.


6. “Weekly coffee dates, we fake argue all the time/pretend to be offended by something the other has said. His favourite thing is to loudly exclaim that a particular dress/bra/high heels are not his size or colour. He loves to try and embarrass me in public as much as possible without actually pissing me off. Though sometimes pissing me off is a bonus for him. We also get some pretty hilarious reactions from other people.


7. “We people watch and do impressions of them. Also if we‘re watching a shitty movie we just go ahead and start trashing it and enjoy it like that.”


8. “Sometimes when my wife is minding her own business I’ll walk by her and say ‘What did you say to me?.’ I’ll then pretend to get progressively more agitated until inevitably end up chasing her around the house.”

– Anonymous

9. “We deliberately keep doing little things around the house that we know is a minor annoyance to the other person. Not in a malicious way, sort of waiting for them to notice and then giving a puppy dog face, saying ‘I didn’t mean to!.’ Mine is to leave the dishes on the drying rack instead of putting them away. Hers is to leave empty toilet rolls in the bathroom.


10. “My partner plays a game with me in shopping centres or when we go for walks, where he will slowly nudge me in certain directions. It’s usual while I’m distracted, like chatting about something or looking at something in a window. The aim of the game is to herd me into a stationary object without me noticing. He’s never managed to successfully do this as I always work it out before I collide with something. It gives us a good laugh and unusually ends in a game of violent butt-bumping in public till one of us dodges out the way and the other flails around like an expressive octopus.”


11. “We have a plushy elephant that we pretend is real. My BF will sometimes take it and ‘act’ with it, pretending it’s sad, happy, angry etc. It even has a personality – loves sweets, sleeping all day, it’s jealous of other plushy animals and craves attention. It will also make a creepy face and charge at you when it’s angry. Also, we have a rule that we take turns washing the dishes each day, and whoever washes the dishes that day gets to sleep with the elephant plushy that night. My BF sometimes tries to trick me into thinking he has the elephant that night when it’s actually my turn and then we joke about it. I know it sounds silly and childish, but to me it’s the cutest thing ever.”


12. “Whenever we meet in say a mall, we make eye contact, smile, and then one of us will make it a point to hide so that the other will start chasing.”


13. “My hubby and I play-wrestle all the time. Sometimes I’ll run up, look at him with ‘Wild eyes’ and then run clear across the house until I get to our bedroom door and he yells ‘Don’t jump on that bed,’ I do anyway. Then he says ‘Ooooooh’ and then we play fight until I inevitably fall off the bed and he always feels so bad about it but it happens a few times a month.”


14. “We cook together. No recipe, no plan. Get in the kitchen and go. We’ve made some of our greatest creations ever just by winging it and we always have boatloads of fun doing it. Other times we game together, and surprisingly enough, there are times where she will request I sit for hours and play video games just so she can sit and watch me play the games she doesn’t enjoy playing. It’s been years now and I always ask, ‘Really? You really, honestly just want to sit here and watch me play this for hours? We could do literally anything else…’ Her answer is always yes.”


15. “We answer questions in a higher pitch than normal and each question/response just goes higher and higher until we can’t go any higher. Usually it’s if one of us is making tea and asks if the other wants a cuppa. It always ends when one of us breaks and replies in the lowest voice you can muster.”


These are so, so cute.