When it comes to friendships, either we all have a friend who’s the mom of the group and is what we could describe as the ‘Strict’ friend or we ARE that friend. The one who keeps everything in line and in check; The friend who will protect us at all costs but also not have time for our bullshit (because who wants to be surrounded by yes men anyway?).

So, this tweet where @bontlendlovu__ has started the conversation of what traits the strict friend of the group has is pretty much golden and worth a read.

So many people have responded to it by pitching in with traits such as the friend who doesn’t like mixing mutual friends or the friend who has very little tolerance for trauma dumping. Here read on to know more:

I guess we all need a friend like this, I mean do you really want to be surrounded by yes-men all your life and not have someone care about you enough to give you the absolute truth? Honesty and being held accountable is a love language, after-all.