Valentine’s Day is romantic and all, but it mostly sucks. There’s too much pressure to have a date, then there’s more pressure to not fall for the commercial aspect of it. In a nutshell, it mostly sucks. But it’s also okay if you actually enjoy being a romantic. Basically, it depends a lot on your past experience. If you’ve had good memories, you’ll love it. Or else, it’s just–

So Redditors shared some of the worst memories that they have of Valentine’s.

1. “In 5th grade I didn’t receive a single Valentine’s day card in my cubby-hole while everyone else did.”


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2. “I gave a rose to my crush in high school, in person. She threw it away as soon as I turned my back.”


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3. “I asked a girl out on Valentine’s day with a gift I had made (LED’s, Micro-controller, soldered it, the whole nine-yards). Didn’t get to go out to dinner with her. Rejected, and it still hurts.”


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4. “Slept all day due to a massive hangover.”


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5. “The first Valentine’s day I had a boyfriend, he dumped me. Only, he didn’t even do the dumping, but made my friend tell me when I arrived to meet him with his gift. Ah, high school.”


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6. “The man I loved told me he loved me back, this was two days before Valentine’s. But then he got back together with his high school sweetheart. Rotten day.”


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7. “Valentine’s day is also my birthday. The year I turned 21, I spent the day with vertigo because of a double ear infection, caused by a sinus – and because I was on antibiotics, I couldn’t drink. And because it was Valentine’s day, everybody had dates.”


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8. “First date with this guy. I didn’t finish my dish, he asked me if I was done and ate off my plate. It was awkward & weird.”


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9. “Parent’s divorce was finalized on Valentine’s day.”


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10. “All of them. :(“


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To celebrate Valentine’s day or not? Clearly, there’s no good option, so just do you.