There shouldn’t be any doubt about it, and let’s not even argue, but there are moments when you notice the epic dynamic of the dad-daughter relationship. There is perhaps no father in the world who would refuse his little girl anything. Especially, if it involves a tea party and playing princess. 

Here are 15 dads chilling with their daughters that show you why they’re always epic together.


1. So that she knows she’s not alone.

2. ‘Cause all fathers are improvisation engineers.

3. She’s actually got some serious skills.

4. Bonding experiences!

5. He really wanted to be part of the tea party.

6. Swag is something you’re born with.

7. The pain of a One Direction concert is no joke. That’s a real father right there.

8. Because the breakfast of champions can’t be had without pink all around you.

9. And every girl needs her tea BFF.

10. He just let the artist in her roll out.

11. Every princess needs a castle.

12. Since fatherhood is from behind the curtains.

13. Because no dad can turn down the Wonder Woman side of himself.

14. ‘Cause you can’t deny her that.

15. Shit happens. You just have to roll with it like a boss.

Fatherhood done right.