World-renowned sitarist and composer Anoushka Shankar recently took to Instagram to share a beautiful post about first loves, heartbreaks and the lessons they teach.

This post came after her split with director-husband Joe Wright in January after seven years of being together.

And her post was a poignant reflection on why, even when relationships end, love does not.

She posted a picture of her with her first boyfriend reminiscing the time she first fell in love.

Thank god for first loves and the lessons they teach. I’m in a phase in which I’m looking back as often as I’m looking forward (all before reminding myself to try and stay present of course ☺️). When this beautiful relationship ended many years ago, I was convinced I would never love anyone again, or ever be able to share myself with someone else the way I had with this wonderful man. Yet I did, and I went on to experience another glorious story I could never have imagined for myself. So, now that I’m again at the beginning of a new journey, I remind myself of the lessons I’ve already learned. I don’t know what’s in my future, but I do know that my heart has infinite capacity to love. It’s against my faith in life itself to let pain close me up, and just for today, as I learn to be single and to be a single parent, I will manifest this feeling of being ‘in love’ when I kiss my children, when I watch the waves roll in, when I play my sitar, when I sit in moonlight, and when I pray. Sending you all love, for in this moment I’m ‘in love’ with you all!

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Often our first breakup convinces us that we may never love again. It fills us with a void that incapacitates us emotionally.

But love tiptoes back into our lives and changes our world as if nothing ever went wrong.

And as we move on in life, we understand that we have the ability to share and receive love many times over.

Anoushka’s post is a beautiful reminder that there is more than one way to ‘be in love’. Just as she is: in love with her kids, in love with her music.

As she steps into a new phase as a single parent, she reminds herself (and indeed all of us) that there is love all around us.

And we can never run short of it.

We cheer her on as she goes on in her life’s journey.

Image Credits: Anoushka Shankar/Instagram.