It is needless to say that cuddling, hugging, spooning and somebody just holding your hand gives you this indescribable feeling of being loved, safe and secure, all at once. It acts like a mellow tranquilizer where you can almost melt into the arms of the person holding you, especially if you are too stressed.

Well, it appears that physical, non-erotic touch can have numerous health and emotional benefits. So read on, and maybe you can use one of these as your next reason to get a hug. 

1. Cuddling releases oxytocin, which keeps you happy. 

Oxytocin is the wonderful hormone that gives you all the good feelings. It makes you happy, and is triggered by physical, non-erotic or erotic touch.


2. It is the best way to get rid of that stress.

Thanks to oxytocin, which is probably the best hormone in the whole body, a nice cuddling session can release oxytocin, which inadvertently helps bring down stress levels. So, if your friend or loved one is really stressed, just go cuddle.


3. Cuddling releases dopamine which arouses sexual desire. 

Well, now this is a no-brainer. Touching or cuddling can release another great hormone called dopamine, which arouses sexual desire. So, the next time your partner comes home from a long stressful day, just go hug them tight, and see how things roll on from there.


4.  When painkillers fail, a cuddle will come to your rescue.

Not just relieve pain, a cuddle can also help increase the pain threshold of a person. When you’re in unbearable pain, emotional or physical, and someone comes and hugs you, or even touches you with a deep intent of care, the pain subsequently reduces. 


5. Cuddle and you shall never get sick! Well, almost.

And who do we thank this for? Give it up for oxytocin once again, people! This feel good hormone actually helps boost your immune system, as much as it makes you feel good. So cuddle so much that you never get sick ever!


6. Your social awkwardness will crumble with a cuddle.

Yup! That’s true. A hug can save a person from the awkwardness that invades the mind in certain new situations and environments. It helps a person to have a positive outlook towards life as it takes away the anxiety that rises from fairly new situations. So hug that person, and let them know you’re there for them.


7. Kiss blood pressure goodbye with a cuddle.

If the body is producing a copious amount of oxytocin in the body, the blood pressure lowers down. The feel good hormone helps reduce stress levels, which quite obviously keeps a person happy, and hence, bye bye BP!


8. Save your and your partner’s heart with a cuddle.

Cuddle now because it’s super healthy. Thanks to the wonderful concoction of hormones that we have, cuddling can lower the risk of heart disease, assuming you’re not eating pizza for breakfast, burgers for lunch, and smoking two packs a day. If you are, then a cuddle might not give you the benefits you so crave for.


9. Strengthen your relationship with the power of cuddling.

Intimacy of any sorts is good for a relationship, and is an absolute necessity for a relationship to thrive. With its awesome release of oxytocin and dopamine, cuddling with a person you love can help you deepen your bond. 


10. Cuddling deepens your bond with your offspring.

Oxytocin is also a neuropeptide of affiliation, which is linked to childbirth and breastfeeding. So a mother’s bond with her child is enhanced and deepened through the course of time, with the production of oxytocin.


Gives you all the more reason to cuddle, doesn’t it?