Life gets in the way of relationships every now and then, doesn’t it? Being bad at remembering dates, or being busy at work – whatever your weakness. Sometimes the universe conspires in making you entirely forget the special occasions of your relationship. And God knows countless men have suffered at the hands of a giftless, blood-thirsty girlfriend when that happens. The trouble is real.


Well, worry no more! In this age, where there’s an app for practically everything, rest assured that there’s an app that will solve your relationship problems too.

It’s true. This app is called BetterBoyfriend. For $70 a month, this app will ensure your lady love never goes unloved.

Just tell them the important dates and your partner’s gift preferences. And voila! You will be set up with a personal shopper dedicated to selecting and arranging thoughtful presents and activities on your behalf.

Better Boyfriend

The founder of BetterBoyfriend, Dan Sullivan told The Guardian in an interview that the reason the app has taken off so well is simple, “BetterBoyfriend hit something. It’s a pain point everyone has.” Yep. He said pain.


Chalo, pain or no pain, at least there’s someone out there addressing the gross shortage of presents that girlfriends all over the world suffer from! Thank GAWD!

I mean, how ELSE are we supposed to know you really love us?!

Rock Paper Watch

Now, if only someone also developed an app that could hold your girlfriend’s hand, stare lovingly into her eyes and cuddle with her! Amirite? #ChicksLoveThatShit