In our quest for true love – because as movies would have us believe there is little else that we want in life – most of us have come across a self-entitled man-child, better known as a fuckboy. 

Stand-up comedian Prashasti Singh, a participant at Comicstaan by Amazon Prime, hilariously explains that despite what new age rom-coms, young adult novels, and dating sites may make us believe, true love is not waiting right across the corner. But fuckboys, casual sex, and self-realization are!

The first casual relationship is not always easy – thanks to the misguided concept of morals – but that does not mean we don’t indulge in that fun! 

How do we end with fuckboys – lesson number 1!

If only the self-entitled pricks we meet resembled Ranbir Kapoor.

That one text that makes you realize, you two are definitely not on the same page. 

But every relationship is a lesson – that it didn’t just happen with you! 

You can see the complete video here:

This one is to all those fuckboys who deserve to be nothing more than a humorous anecdote from the past! 

Design credits: Kumar Sonu