Talking about sex, homosexuality or masturbation is still considered to be a taboo in India. And if you happen to be a girl who talks about all this? Tauba Tauba! Get ready for all kinds of stone pelting on your ‘character.’ 

Agents Of Ishq is one amazing portal that’s really doing a pretty awesome job by taking matters into their own hands and educating the common folks on sex and sexuality. 

They give sex a good name, and ensure that they do it the adarsh way too! With quirky art and graphics, using only adarsh people, and dispensing some amazing facts, these happy bunch of people are definitely making a difference.

Check out their informative, and hilarious series, Old Wives Tales On Masturbation, designed by Afrah ShafiqMaybe you’ll learn a thing or two about masturbation. I definitely did!

The best part is that it’s totally legit information and not made up to take a dig at society. 

Check out their kickass website and Facebook page for daily dose of awesomeness!

All images have been used with the permission of Agents Of Ishq, and cannot be recreated or copied. 

Enlightened now, are we not?