No matter how much we act hush-hush about it, the truth remains the same that sex is an indispensable part of our lives. Nothing can beat the comfort and contentment you obtain from physical intimacy with your partner. 

However, a number of people around the world are literally addicted to sex, and here are their brutally honest confessions.

1. I was sick in hospital with the flu when I had my first waking orgasm. I was not masturbating or anything; it just happened in seconds. I became a sex addict in about the time it takes to walk across a room and flip on a light switch. The event scared me; I had no clue what had just happened. I had no conscious knowledge of sex. But the physical pleasure overwhelmed the fear and I was hooked. I was ten years old.

2. I remember doing it 6-7 times a day with my boyfriend. However, he used to cum in just 5 minutes and that’s why I started masturbating more often. I remember he used to make fun of me masturbating by saying I don’t have any shame that I am pleasing myself. But, at that time, I just wanted to feel it.

3. What makes me highly unique compared to most other people with sex addiction is that it doesn’t take the usual “adult material” to get me off and do it. Simply viewing CLOTHED females can automatically set my mind to think sexual thoughts. That’s right, clothed females… not nude females. 

4. Sex addiction sucks. From every angle, it sucks. Your self-worth becomes demolished and—like any other addiction—your life falls apart because of it. You miss out on opportunities and your dreams get flushed down the drain. Help is there, but you have to be the one who chooses to receive it. 

5. I come from a very conservative Indian family where women are supposed to “follow” men. However, I studied the art of seduction, improved my dressing sense and read about the psychology of men and women. Sex was not only fun but also beneficial for me. Thus, I craved it more and more. I wanted to control everything. If I see a guy, I had to have him. I had to have him on his knees begging me to pleasure him and how he would do anything for me in return. Today, I am a sex addict and a personal assistant to a very rich businessman. I have everything I want!

6. I’m a sex addict. I feel completely worthless and unloved if a man isn’t sexually attracted to me. It has ruined my life.

7. When it comes to sex, all of the episodes with women, the masturbation and lust for porn, and now continuing to pursue sex outside my marriage, it doesn’t seem to be enough for me as I continue to want more. I love sex and all that goes with it. I’m very sexually active with a high libido. My testosterone levels are high for my age. I think of sex and sexual activities often during the day and like the feeling of having an erection. I have purchased magazines, videos, books, and online pornography. Spent money on strip clubs, adult bookstores and movie houses, and even got engaged with prostitutes and escorts. 

8. I’m a happy sex addict; I do not have any mental issues. I’m living my life the way I want it. Sex never destroyed my life, it made my life. I’m a proud slut, proud of my body and proud of my love for sex. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

9. Sex addiction is altogether a different kind of addiction from drugs and alcohol. For me, at least, the addiction was a disguise for an emotional problem. Instead of grieving like a normal person, I became numb and used sex as the only way to channel emotions and feel joy. I went from phone sex to webcam girls to prostitutes, twosomes, threesomes. I lived for the emotional rush provided by sex, as that was the only place my brain allowed me to feel. I got into therapy, couples therapy and Sexaholics Anonymous.

10. It is miserable. You put your mental and physical health in the line of fire, just to make it stop hurting. Just to make the feeling abate. You will lie and take risks like never before just for sex. You will put your life on the line for one fuck. You masturbate until you bleed and still keep going. You have 7 orgasms daily at a minimum. You need to do that or else you’re fucking miserable and in pain.

So, what do you think of these confessions?