Even once the relationship is over, does your connection with your former significant other ever really dissolve entirely? Broadly speaking, I don’t think so. We miss them, we miss the person we were when we were with them, and most importantly, we miss being that intimate with someone.

And from time to time, we’ve all at least toyed with the idea of going back for just another taste of what we left behind.

Now this may come as no surprise to anyone, but hooking up with an ex can be a pretty big mistake. Let these people’s confessions from Whisper illustrate the claim.

















Raise your glasses, people. To ‘No sex, with an ex.’ Here’s to learning from our fellow comrades’ battle stories in this big long war for love and intimacy that we’re all in for life.

Designs by Palki Sharma

Masthead source: The Trent Online, Feature source: The Fuss