I think we can all agree that wedding proposals can are a little tricky. No matter how sure two people are, of spending their lives together, a proposal takes things to another level and so it must be done at the perfect moment. Or at least that is the attempt.

Here are people who were brave enough to put all the nervous thoughts aside and asked the much-important question to their partner in front of a crowd. It doesn’t get sweeter than this.

Let’s start with some sports proposals, yes?

1. Deepak Chahar proposed to his girlfriend, Jaya Bharadwaj, after his team CSK’s match against Punjab. He went to the stands, got down on one knee, surprising Jaya as much as the people watching this on the screen.

2. During India’s tour of Australia in 2020, a woman and her partner were in the stands, witnessing the thrilling encounter. Little did she know, that day had a much bigger surprise in store for her. The said partner proposed to her while the match was still being played and safe to say, for a few seconds, cricket was not the top priority. 

Look at them, wearing jerseys of their respective teams, that’s a good partnership right there.

3. Imagine proposing to your girlfriend during an India-Pakistan cricket World Cup match. That’s the kind of courage I am talking about. This guy chose the perfect moment as an Indian to ask the woman if she wants to get married to him, and it was simply adorable. 

Oh, India won that match but you know that already.

4. This soccer player knelt down in front of his girlfriend and popped the question on the ground, amid the chants from fans. Looks like a dream!

5. This Canadian sailor got back home and without wasting any time whatsoever, did what needed to be done ASAP. He proposed to his girlfriend, with words that I can’t quite comprehend; but in this case, it doesn’t really matter. That “she said yes” in the end, though!

6. For all the adrenaline junkies out there, we have one great proposal idea for you here. This guy skydiver with his girlfriend with a ring between his teeth, and just as the winds were calm enough for them to talk, he asked her “will you marry me”. Mid-air. That’s really something.

7. It was such a special moment when a woman proposed to her girlfriend, a British Police officer, who was performing her duty at a pride parade. Ah well, tears!

8. When Areli proposed to her girlfriend, Kendyl, in Machupicchu, Peru, it was a sight to see. They had been in a long-distance relationship for over a year and this vacation was very special to them. In quite a Schitt’s Creek proposal, Areli took Kendyl for a hike and when they reached the summit, she got down on one knee with a ring. Too much, this is too much.

How The Asked

9. Lee Loechler, a man from Massachusetts, proposed to his girlfriend by morphing their animated faces into the most popular scene of Sleeping Beauty. For real, he did that. And as she got confused as to what was happening, he proposed to her in front of the entire cinema hall filled with friends and family.

10. This 76-year-old man proposed to his girlfriend, a 71-year-old woman, outside a hospital. The two met at a care centre and fell in love. However, during the corona wave, things got pretty intense and the man decided to pop the question because he knew she was the one for him.

11. When Matthew, a stage actor who plays the role of Alladin in a production, had to ask the question to his girlfriend (who incidentally plays Jasmine), he thought there could be no better moment than the end of the show. And so, he waited it out and proposed to her in front of all the viewers in the hall. My heart!

12. In some more adrenaline-inducing stuff, Bangaluru man Adrian Marcus Mackay proposed to his girlfriend Susan Kuruvilla on the longest zipline in the world in UAE. They were on a 80-mtere high platform when he got down on one knee with a poster behind him that read “will you marry me”.

Hand me the tissues, please.