It’s a known fact that not all marriages are supposed to last a lifetime. While some people realize this at an early stage of their married life, others take their own sweet time before the relationship leads to an eventual breaking point. People reveal the exact moment they knew their marriage was over, and honestly, some of these answers are truly heartbreaking. Read on.

Disclaimer: Some of the answers are disturbing and might be a trigger. Reader’s discretion advised.

The News Minute

1. “When my son (1.5 years old) comforted me, while I was crying after another abusive argument. I knew then that I did not want him to grow up thinking that it was a normal relationship.”

– kGlover14

2. “Six weeks after our daughter was born, my now ex-wife declared that a daughter was all she wanted and told her son (from her previous marriage) that she didn’t want him anymore and gave him to his father.”

– illiad01

3. “When my husband came to me and said, “I give up. I’ve spent 10 years trying to get you to stop being a prude in bed. Maybe if you get a boyfriend, you could get some experience.” It wasn’t enough that I spent 10 hours a day at a job, kept a spotless house that I was restoring, made all of our clothes and meals, and even entertained his uninvited mother and sister/kids every weekend. He evidently felt I should never be allowed any sleep. Left him in 1976 and haven’t missed him yet!”

– nanny-negley

4. “When he refused to change our second child’s diaper because she was a girl. He wanted a boy.”

– CannyAnnie

5. “When I realized that for months, I had been trying to guess what mood she’d be in when I got home from work so that I could enter the house ‘appropriately’ and not make her any angrier than she’d already be.”

– aanr

6. “My mother filed for divorce after a full year of my father refusing to speak or even look at her. They were living in the same house, paying the same bills, using the same utilities. He got angry at her over something I don’t even remember now and just decided to pretend she didn’t exist.”

– throw-career-Qs

7. “I found out I was pregnant close to our 5 year wedding anniversary. When I asked him about what he wanted for our anniversary, he said an ‘abortion’. When I miscarried 3 weeks later, he threw a party for it. The irony of it all is that we got a divorce cause he knocked up another chick, who refused to abort because she was catholic and needed to be married to him so that the child would not be a bastard. He is now miserable in another marriage and I have been happily divorced for 6 years now.”

– ToastyToastersToast

8. “His mom kept saying stuff while no one was around but he wouldn’t believe me. Then she would change her whole story when someone was around to make me look like a fool. I knew in my head that I was going to get divorced and I gave myself more than a year to be mentally prepared for it. Once I was mentally ready, I straight up told him that I wanted a divorce, after a heated argument. He was in shock because most Indian women don’t ever ask for a divorce and keep dealing with their in-laws’ bullshit all their lives. It’s expected of us like breathing is expected of humans. That family can go and fuck themselves.”

– imdungrowinup

9. “When I read her texts sent to another dude about how much fun she had screwing him and how quickly they could marry once she was ‘free’. Got divorced 4 months later.”


10. “When I would go down in the basement and pretend to do laundry in order to get time by myself, away from her.”

– effectivelysingle

11. “My wife wanted a break (we had been married around a year at that point), so I moved out. After about a week, I came back to collect some items. While tidying up, I found a couple of used condoms in the bin, sitting right on top. No saving that trainwreck of a marriage. Honestly, she did me a favour.”

– Koma79

12. “When we were discussing having a baby and she hit me with ‘for a while, I thought I didn’t want kids, but I’ve realized that I just don’t want kids with you’, that was the moment.”

– rode_the_short_buss

13. “When our therapist told him to spend a day not talking to me unless he had something nice to say, and he replied, “but what if I need to give her feedback?”

– mammatbone

14. “It was after the third time of losing her temper and trashing the house, including throwing a guitar stand at my work laptop and breaking it. She went to her mom’s for two weeks and I realized that I was much happier without her being around. After a week, I told her that I wanted a divorce.”

– HaggisMac

15. “When she slammed our bedroom door on her own forehead, yelling at me that she was going to get me arrested with the “proof” that I beat her up. I was recording her doing it, but she was so drunk she didn’t notice. I let her run with it, when she told her brothers that I beat her up and sent them the pictures of the bruises on her face as proof, I sent them the video of her doing it. They never said a word to me.”

– Thehorrorofraw

16. “When I caught him trying to throw a metal folding chair at our oldest child.”

– FurledScroll

17. “After my double mastectomy, the doctor recommended that we sleep in separate beds for 6 weeks so I could heal. After six weeks, I told him that I was going to sleep in the master room with him and he told me not to bother since I wasn’t really a woman anymore. We’d been married for less than a year.”

– imaginaryfriendgirl

18. “When she began screaming at our 3-year-old son to shut up. I was willing to take her abuse. I couldn’t stomach her doing it to our son.”

– Shades_Janae

19. “The day I got a call from his mistress, while he was in the room with her, telling me she wasn’t his first mistress. I found out that there have been at least 3 long-term mistresses.”

– Babyjitterbug

20. “When I was away on a business trip and I discovered she’d left our two infant children (1 and 3 years) at home alone for 7 hours to go out clubbing with her girlfriends. This was just one in a long string of irresponsible things she’d done since becoming a mother, but it was definitely the moment when I knew it was over.”

– youknowdamnwellwhy

Marriage is definitely not an easy task!