In association with Durex

If we ever counted the number of days we complained about our bleh sex lives…. erm let’s just not, shall we? Life’s too short for dull moments in the bedroom! And we deserve an electrifying sex life that keeps us buzzing with excitement! Even Durex agreed with us when they conducted the latest survey revealing the plight of 74% of couples fighting boredom in their bedrooms. But what the brand also did, was to leave us scratching our heads. Remember how they kept looking for “secret explorers?” till a few days back? Well, we just got more tea on it! 


The whole shebang was just a part of Durex’ cheeky campaign! The brand wanted to celebrate the thrill of exploring erogenous zones for maximum pleasure. That’s why they kept dropping the #SecretExploration bomb on us. Instead of sending us off to some far-flung lands, they were talking about the sexy spots right on our partner’s bods! Isn’t this crazy? From the peaks of “Chest Republic” to the sultry beaches of “Thighland,” it’s a whole adventure waiting to be had. Picture the excitement of cruising through “Nape Town” or unraveling the mysteries of “SydKnee”! The signs were there from the get-go, but I guess we just got lazy again, didn’t we?

We did what needed to be done. We followed @bruisedpassports, @the.vogue.vanity, and @unplannedby‘s Instagram pages as directed by the brand, so we followed them religiously. Which is how we learned about Durex’ planned grand reveal. And no kidding, it’s quite a game-changer in the exploration realm! So while these influencers have already taken off to these secret destinations, now it is time for you to ditch the predictability and get ready to explore the uncharted territories of your partner’s body.

But wait, you thought that was all? To crank things up a notch and make every adventure down south even more mind-blowing, Durex just dropped a brand new line of lubes that are gonna change the game. But what’s lube even gonna do, you ask? These ain’t your average grocery store finds, folks. These specially designed lubricants are basically your personal tour guides, making every hidden crevice a smooth and pleasurable journey. Get ready to explore like never before! 

Also, the internet went into meltdown mode when these secret spots were revealed! It’s been a hilarious mix of surprises with hints of excitement! But hey, that’s what Durex is all about, right? Getting the conversation flowing and reminding everyone that a healthy dose of sexy exploration is key to a happy relationship. Now, who’s ready to dive in?

So say goodbye to dry sex and hello to a world of rediscovery! Explore the exciting range of Durex lubes and hop on this journey of exploring your partner’s body in a whole new way.