We live in a world that looks down upon sex but loves to hypersexualise everything and that is when everything becomes problematic. 

From eating ice cream to breastfeeding, there’s nothing under the sun that has not been sexualised for one’s entertainment. What’s irritating is the fact that these things have nothing to do with sex AT ALL.

And, it’s not just me who is fed up with it. I found a thread on Reddit where people got talking about all the things that are sexualised for no reason. 

1. “The word daddy.” – alienvisitor0821

2. “Pigtails” – KeepingMyWits

3. “Biting the lip. I just don’t have lip balm so I bite my lip to stop it from cracking.” – A_person_exe

4. “Step siblings.” – Loquaciouslovelizard

5. “Eggplants. Delicious when cooked properly. Yet it’s the universal emoji for a dick.” – CcaidenN

6. “Those beach volleyball chicks.” – talkchic 

7. “Eating a popsicle.” – serendipitousnight

8. “Or a banana.” – SlowpokeLib

9. “Schoolgirl uniforms.” – sophie_a_767

10. “Firefighters” – willie4040

11. “Cats. They always get referred to as pussy and vice versa.” – NerdHerdtheThird

12. “Bras” – davidbowieseyebrows

13. “Cucumber” – the_evilman

14. “Food. The amount of times I’ve seen slow pans of hot girls putting food in their mouths is way too many!” – Ok_Pomegranate_8739

15. “Breastfeeding” – AlwaysTiredWontSleep

16. “Car Washes” –  Zetsumenchi 

Next thing we know, we breathe and that’s sexualized as well.