Your body has been beautifully blessed with some amazing organs, and their only function is to provide you with the ultimate pleasure known to human kind. But we’re still shy to even discuss our own body parts, that too the most essential ones. We think it’s time to change that and know our bodies a little better. 

The feel good button between your legs, yes, the one that’s called the clitoris, is a magical tool that you probably haven’t explored enough. The little pink bud holds the key to indefinite pleasure and guarantees 100% satisfaction without any help (If you know what I mean). The tiny buzzer is capable of more than what you’re ready to give it credit for. 

After knowing these little facts about your clitoris, we’re sure you’ll pay more attention to it. So, here you go:

Your clit is just like a penis. A tad little different, though.

When babies are conceived, they have the same genital tissue irrespective of their gender. It’s only after 12 weeks that the sex of the baby is determined when the genital tissue develops and either forms a penis or a vagina. So basically, both men and women have the same genital tissues that get shaped a bit differently.


It’s much bigger than you think, almost the size of a penis!

Your clit has been deceiving you all this while. The tiny little bud you see is actually a full blown flower inside. The average length of a clitoris is close to 4 inch, and only one-fourth of it is seen. The rest remains to be a treasure trove buried deep.  


The bud of your flower is extremely sensitive.

The clit has about 8000 nerve endings. Eight-freaking-thousand! It’s double of what the penis has (Sorry, dear men), hence the increased sensitivity. All of these nerve endings rest on the clit, and all of them come together to give you that mind-blowing orgasm.


Your clit grows with age, but it never ages.

As soon as you hit puberty, the clit starts growing, and as you cross every subsequent milestone, it keeps growing. When you reach your 30s, your clit will be two times larger that it was when you hit puberty. And when you reach menopause, it will be 7 times bigger than it was at birth. Ain’t that fascinating? 


The clitoris gets an erection, just like the penis.

Yup, you heard that right. Seeing that it’s just like the penis, the clitoris does get an erection when sexually aroused. When all the blood engorges onto the erectile tissue, your clit gets an erection. It cannot be seen and is often not noticed because of its puny size.


It comes in different sizes, but that doesn’t affect anything.

The size of a clitoris differs from woman to woman. But it does not hamper the intensity, longevity or the sensitivity of an orgasm. Hence proved, size really doesn’t matter when it comes to a clitoris.

The one true purpose of its existence is to give pleasure.

A penis has a reproductive function and so does the vagina. But when it comes to clitoris, it’s sole purpose is to provide you with the ultimate pleasure. No reproductive business there. Surprisingly, it’s the only part of human anatomy with the sole purpose of providing pleasure. Women power! 


It’s a powerhouse of orgasms.

You might have heard that women can have multiple orgasms. Well, it’s true. Although the penis and the clitoris, both have nerve endings, they are positioned differently. In a penis, the nerve endings are spread all over, whereas all the nerve endings are concentrated on the clitoris in women. Hence, the power to achieve multiple orgasms.


A clitoral orgasm can last up to 30 seconds. That’s LONG in orgasm time.

Thanks to how vaginas are structured, the clitoris has the ability to have an orgasm anywhere between 10 to 30 seconds. Because when a woman orgasms, she’s also having pelvic contractions, hence, the long, wonderful stretch of bliss. An average clitoral orgasm is better and longer than an absolute sexed up male orgasm!  


Just as you, your clitoris can be moody too.

You learnt a trick and your clitoris loved it today, but it’s quite possible that it might not fall for that trick again tomorrow. The arousal patterns of your clit keep changing depending on the time of the month, stress levels as well as hydration and nutrition levels. More room to explore, right?


Ladies, now you know the powerhouse that your tiny little clit is. Go on, don’t be shy to explore it. It’s your own body.