It can be the result of a a right swipe, a number exchanged in a conference, or a meeting set by a mutual friend – a first date can happen in any way. But what progresses after the first date depends on the date itself.

Because let’s face it, a first date has a very visible impact on how we decide to take a relationship forward, or rather if we even deign to have a relationship or not.

And while there are many things that we can leave to chance or destiny, there are a few things that are an absolute NO when it comes to dating. 

So we asked women what they thought was the one thing that men did on the very first date, that put them off altogether, and these are the results!

1. Being late is never a good option!

2. Exes are not for present conversation!

3. Let the girl finish a sentence, she might just surprise you!

4. TABLE ETIQUETTE! We can not stress on this enough.

5. At least ask.

6. A simple shower, maybe a hair cut in the last century?

7. It’s the first date, not a medical examination. 

8. Eat your food, don’t inhale it! 

9. Said it once, repeating won’t add to your achievements!

10. Taking it slow is actual advice, not just a statement. 

11. Yes men, we notice when you do that, could you please stop!!!

12. The more, definitely not the merrier.

13. If she can come on a date, she can pick a drink she likes!

14. Splurge a little, it’s the first date.

15. Always, always be polite!

16. You are also part of the date, be interested, make some efforts.

17. If you don’t have time for the date, why did you go for it in the first place?

18. Don’t come off as desperate, give time and space. 

19. Have more than one topic to discuss.

20. If you can’t handle you drink, don’t order too many of them!

21. Attentive listening – not just for the first date but for every relationship. 

22. Let your date feel comfortable, and don’t test her limits. 

23. We literally ask for very little effort, at least do that.

24. You’re on a date, not watching a porn show.

25. First dates are for talks, not for miming.

26. Social media addiction is not pretty. Not like any addiction is!

27. She can have a past, you don’t have to know about it till she shares it. 

28. The WhatsApp pick up lines work on no one. 

29. You’re on an actual date, not a virtual one. Keep the phone upside down. 

30. Invest in a deodorant, please!  

31. Not on the first date, you don’t.  

32. A nod and a smile may work better. 

33. No, this does not make you look cooler.

34. If the date is not your priority, why are you even coming for it?

35. No one likes a whiner. 

36. There is a calm way to discuss opinions. Don’t fight!

37. Be honest, not repetitive. If you don’t have a new compliment, keep silent. 

38. It takes time to develop a comfort zone. 

39. No one loves a blamer. 

40. We are on a date, we can see you! 

41. We know what we want to eat, especially when it comes to desserts. 

42. This is not even a third date question. When you do it, you ask, else you don’t!

43. She made an effort, if you can’t appreciate don’t offer disparaging comments. 

44. Everyone checks a little on social media, don’t display stalker tendencies. 

45. Know the concept of ‘physical, personal space’.

46. What, why, when, where, how…. No, that does not work!

47. A little too much maybe?

48. Please, please ask.

49. She has a life before you, don’t judge her choices. 

50. NO!

Men, take note, and avoid these actions if you want that second date!

Designs by Aakansha Pushp.