He asked me out for pizza and I said yes.

This is how it all started. And this is how it’s still going on.


Eating a good meal with your partner is indeed one of life’s best pleasures. *including what goes on underneath the sheets*

And if you share the love for good food with your partner, trust me it’s going to last. Because you are so fond of trying new flavours, new places and new dishes that you do not have to pretend at all when going out.


Eating together gives you a sense of comfort with them and there’s no turning back.

Even after being in a relationship for 5 years, my partner keeps clicking my pictures while I eat and then both of us share a good laugh looking at the way I eat.


From bloated tummies to dhaniya stuck between our teeth and chocolate staining our mouth, we’ve seen it all. And we know it’s eternal when we find all of this cute.

Moreover, you become a part of each other’s decisions. Yeah, choosing the right food and the right place to eat is a crucial decision after all.


Kahan khana hai? Kya khana hai? Kab khana hai?

Yahan pasta achha nahi tha, next time vahan try karenge. 

The conversations over food never end.


You won’t always find a partner whose food choices match with yours. Here lies the key to an adventurous relationship. You get to discuss food, argue over it and then resolve it with food.

Although, you are protective of your food, you’ll see them eyeing your plate and you end up sharing.

If that’s not intimacy, I don’t know what intimacy is.


Cooking together takes a relationship to another level.

All the time that you spend prepping, cooking and serving meals gives you the opportunity to bond and bond uniquely. 


There’s nothing better than stealing those romantic moments in the kitchen, going on a treasure hunt for spices and ending up appreciating each other’s efforts.

Tbh, food has become our relationship’s mantra.

Upset? Let’s go out to eat.

Unwell? Let’s order good food.

Happy? Let’s have pizza.


Obviously, it’s both important and beautiful to be with someone who is in love with you, but at the end of the day, it’s food that keeps you together, forever.