Have you noticed? There is an influx of men on dating apps who always enter a tangent about how women are “selfish” and “privileged” because they don’t have to pay on dates. HAHAHA. First of all, this culture of dating rules was set by the patriarchy that historically deprived women of the fundamental right to earn a livelihood and compelled them to be dependent on men. Second of all (and before you say “Oh, but now women can work!”), the battle against discrimination is not over for women. From the wage gap to the pink tax to watching our every step so we don’t get raped or killed, women continue to be treated unfairly in every aspect of life. The least you can do is buy us dinner. Anyway, rant over.

Sick and tired of men complaining about the “high standards” of women, this Twitter user came up with a list of free activities that would easily win hearts (Because believe it or not, in most cases, women are not the ones exploiting men. LOL).

There’s the classic. cooking a nice, hearty meal. Plus there’s nothing hotter than a partner who can chef it up. 

Putting an effort to notice the finer details and not a generic, “You look nice.”

Good music = good vibes. 

It’s the little things that matter the most. 

…And the most important: women enjoy good sex too! Know your way around the female body. 

Plus there are these for seasoned couples:

When the world is one big, bad loop of never-ending patriarchy, all women want from their partners is some appreciation and empathy. A shoulder to cry on, a hug to give. It doesn’t have to be expensive dinners or elaborate gestures but tiny tweaks in your mundane lives can create a whole lot of difference. And that’s way better than a bunch of pointless red roses.