Even after years of marriage or living together with your SO, there are some things an individual likes to keep to oneself. There are some things that are private and shouldn’t be shared with even the love of your life.  

So, naturally these private things can be ’embarrassing’. So, here are some spouses who found their SO doing something private that was not expected at all : 

1. After six years of marriage me and my wife went to the hills. It was pretty cold out there and we were actually hiking and talking about different things. After we reached back to our hotel, she hopped in the bed and started scrolling through her phone so I went outside to enjoy the weather. But when I came back in my room without knocking the door I saw my wife was standing in the bathroom and was holding a glass and peeing inside it, I thought to myself ‘what the hell was she doing?’ I didn’t say anything and just watched her from behind. She filled the glass with her pee and drank it. I was shocked. After that, I came from behind and acted like I didn’t know anything. But that really scared me.  
– Sam Nik      

2. It’s the ’70’s, an early summer morning. We’re in our 20’s, getting up to get ready for work. I turn on the shower & sit on the toilet to have half a cig before showering. Just before stepping in, I realized I needed a towel, so I stepped out into the hallway to the linen closet. As I opened the closet door to reach for a towel, I glanced into the bedroom. My wife, naked under the sheet, was just getting settled into a quickie weekday morning masturbation. I stood there, naked, the shower still running, my rock hard, aching cock in my hand. As her fingers slowed, she slowly began to melt into the mattress and her hips dropped, relaxing. She threw the sheet back, slowly spreading one leg wide. When her finger was nice and wet, she brought it to her lips and slowly sucked all her juices from that one long, delicate finger. Even though it was a private moment for her, it made me quite hard.
 – Anonymous         

3. I was staying with my parents since my son was having summer holidays. My husband too was staying with us since my parents house was much closer to his office. My youngest brother in law’s marriage got fixed and my in-laws were coming. Suddenly one day we got the news that my mother in law had complained of severe headache and collapsed. She had suffered a severe brain haemorrhage and been admitted to the hospital. After that, news about her passing away was shared with us. We were in a shock especially my husband. When the news of my mother in laws demise came I looked at his face, he was looking deadpan with no expression. I thought he was ok. Later on, when I came out of the bedroom after my son had slept, I saw him sitting on the sofa in the hall with tears streaming from his eyes. I knew he wouldn’t like it if I saw him in his vulnerable and private moment. But I couldn’t control myself and I went and sat beside him and held his hand. After a few minutes, he composed himself and got back to his old stoic self. That was the only time when I caught him doing something which he thought was private. 
– Ratnamala Kamath         

4. A couple of years into our marriage, I happened to see my hubby’s active laptop screen. He was working on something and had gotten up to visit the washroom. Meanwhile, I went to serve him his evening tea and while laying down his tea and snacks, I saw the page displayed on his screen. It was a job search. I quietly retreated to the kitchen. He wanted to keep the sudden development under wraps and I had to honour his decision. But, a million questions were bubbling in my mind! Hubby had a steady job and there was no reason to be looking for a new one… at least according to me. We had a little baby in our lives. Though I was more than ready to resume my professional life to be a support, I knew I had to tread carefully. All I could do was be a supportive, loving and caring partner. Wait till hubby was ready to open up. And he did. Eventually and gradually he spoke about challenges at work and his stress about his job. I listened without judgement and quietly hugged him.  
– Rachna Seth 

5. A few weeks ago, my best friend Stephanie was visiting. She is my confidant the one who introduced me to Greg (my lover). My husband was busy with the laundry and the dishes while we chatted. He finished and quietly walked out of the kitchen. In the hallway mirror, I saw him go into the hallway bathroom. I heard a click as he opened the medicine cabinet and another click as he closed it. In the hallway mirror, I watched my husband tiptoe out into the hallway which led to the patio. I could see that he held a plastic bottle. I knew what the bottle was and what my husband intended to do. Stephanie paused her sentence and asked me why I began laughing. I composed myself and said “Wait a couple of minutes. You’ve got to see this.” Stephanie had an amused quizzical look on her face. I whispered to her to quietly come with me to the master bedroom that also had access to the patio. Stephanie and I peeked through the lace curtains and sure enough, my husband was on the patio sofa with his pants down around his ankles. His stiff little penis was shiny and slick with baby oil he had taken from the medicine cabinet. Poor Stephanie gasped and did all a woman could do to not burst out laughing. Then using just his thumb and index finger, my husband began masturbating like a schoolboy !! Stephanie covered her mouth and kept repeating “Oh my god”. We never mentioned it to him.               
– Visa Tisa    

6. I had just bought a webcam for my desktop computer, which is in the bedroom, for online college course group study. It just so happened one afternoon that my wife was a bit more frisky than usual, and we had intended on having sex that night. Things got busy in the later afternoon tho, and we ended up a bit tapped for energy. The next morning as I got ready for work, she teased that since we missed the satisfaction that she may masturbate with her toy while I was gone at work. I got home that afternoon and checked what may have been motion sensor and captured on video from my webcam. There was a good 10-minute video of my wife using her dildo to masturbate. I watched all of it and couldn’t help but continuing what she wanted at night. However, I never told her about the webcam. If I told her, she from then on be checking my computer for the camera before pleasuring herself while I’m at work. This still remains a secret.   
– Aguaguat Guam

7. Covid-19 was at its peak and it impacted my world too. One day, I woke up early in the morning and my husband was already out of bed. I walked around the living room but could not find him. I returned to the bedroom, passing my husband’s office home setup room and heard a little sobbing sound. It unnerved me. I opened the door all of a sudden to see what’s happening inside. I have never seen such a horrible scene in my life. My husband had tears in his eyes, and his computer screen had an email open. I had a glimpse of the email subject, “Wrapping up – Your last week in the organization.” I could feel that something has gone wrong. But, he changed the computer window. I asked him, “why is he crying?” Initially, he pretended that he wasn’t, but his eyes were red and wet. He held my hand and clutched it into his fingers, and answered, “The organization fired me because of covid-19 business impact.” I gathered myself and asked him to reax and look for a job after a break.  
– Naya Jones

8. My younger sister had returned from her abroad trip with her hubby that morning. It was Sunday and we were chatting on WhatsApp. She was sharing her trip experience and some pics of the trip. As its common with most sisters, we chatted about her personal things too and she shared some of her private and “objectionable” pics also. That afternoon as I came back after having a bath I saw my husband using my laptop and doing something. As soon as I entered, he closed a window and then told me that he is just looking for some old data. Later when I was alone I inspected my laptop. I saw a temp folder in Recycle Bin and it had some pics downloaded from Whatsapp web and deleted. I restored those and those were the private pics of my sister. I never told him about it and let it go.  
– Lyra D’Souza

9. Since one year, I have been observing peculiar behaviour with my husband. He pleasures himself while watching the television. He moves his fingertips slowly and seductively, tickling his face, his neck then his toes, rubbing his feet massaging the back of the foot, then takes his hand towards his thighs, tickles in between. He keeps doing this activity and enjoys himself every day for hours. I don’t know what he’s up to, but It is extremely awkward and disgusting to watch him. I read somewhere about asexuality and I think my husband is Asexual. I haven’t mentioned this to him because he is unapproachable and I’m not financially independent. So, I just end up avoiding it.           
– Anonymous

10. It was not a spouse but a girlfriend. I lived in an old farmhouse. The only heat was wood. As fall came upon us. I headed out at night to chop a nights worth of wood. I usually get up a couple of times a night to stoke the fire and throw more logs on. I used oak. It burns longer. Used pine but there is a ton of pitch even when cured. Anyway, after chopping the acquired amount for the night. I stacked them next to the window. It was open and the light was on. As I was stacking wood. I looked up to see my girlfriend masturbating. I did not think too much about it. After staking the last of the wood I looked up to see my girlfriend and her friend kissing on the couch. Her friend was on top. Both semi-naked. So I stood and watched. I never thought she was into females. I walked into the house. As to not to disturb them. I stood by the door and watched. Her friend was short. I mean 4ft 11 short. My girlfriend is 6 ft. This went on for about 45 minutes. I finally went into the front room. Sat down and watched until they were through. It was hot watching them. I obviously never talked about it.   
– Steve Martin 

Which one shocked you?