A person could be in a happy fulfilling relationship and still at the back of their mind, have a partner to fall back on in case things go south with their current SO.

What are we talking about?

A ‘back-up’ partner many people choose to have in their lives. 


Studies suggest that women are actually more likely to have back-up partner, because biologically, it’s considered a basic mating strategy! 

Having a ‘back-up partner’ doesn’t make anyone a bad person and is surprisingly, very common. The concept of having a ‘Plan B’ is simply a safety net in case things go south with the ‘Plan A.’ Like a substitute is while playing a sport. 


This concept isn’t just restricted to open or casual relationships. 

According to the market research company, OnePoll.com, the reason behind a back-up partner is that being lonely is hard and having someone to fall back to in case of heartbreak saves time. 


Yes, it’s true, women who are unhappy in their relationships are more likely to have another option in hand. However, if someone is in a steady and happy relationship, and their significant other still has a backup partner then it’s likely that this person has been a part of their life way before the current partner was. Think of it this way, every Bella has a Jacob in her life, despite being with Edward Cullen. 

According to Gangestad & Simpson’s research, the strategy of having a back-up partner could also be about having a mate to procreate with in case of a break-up. Which is why it is found that women who have already gone through menopause don’t often look for a Plan B. 

The saying that ‘the grass isn’t always greener’ clearly isn’t deterring women of today. They understand that anything can happen and are ensuring they have a solid back-up plan should things go sour with their current man.

-OnePoll.com Spokeperson

Statistically, who is this mystery back-up partner? 

In most cases, the back-up partner is a friend that has been around since before ‘Plan A’ appeared in the picture. They were just lurking in the background and building a strong foundation because honestly, that’s the key to a good relationship.

The ‘back-up’ isn’t a rookie, they are probably someone who has, in the past, expressed his feelings for the person and other factors like time, location and circumstances have hindered the likelihood of their future together.

While some people gain confidence from having a back-up partner, others need the sense of security in their lives.

Maybe it’s time to have an open conversation about the significance a back-up partner holds!