If you’re here, it’s probably because you’ve dated men older than you, or at least swooned like a teenage girl with butterflies in her stomach at the sight of George Clooney or Jon Hamm. Come on, admit it! This place is safe, and so is your preference in men. 

Let’s be honest and agree to the fact that there’s something strangely and mystically attractive about a silver fox man with salt and pepper hair. The looks, the grace, the no-nonsense charm they exude is unimaginable and quite killer. 


But what is it that attracts us young women to older men? Sure it’s just not the whole silver fox thing, right? 

According to psychology, the attraction towards older men might have to do with the relationship you shared with your father. You could either be looking to find the same kind of love, protection and care, or you could be compensating for the love you never received. Well, no matter what the psychological, Freudian theory might be, we have our very own reasons. 

The level of maturity older men portray is difficult to find

There’s absolutely no denying that a man who is older than you is definitely more mature than the one who is either your age, or younger. And thank god for that! Because honestly, dealing with immature guys is like taking care of a man child, and no woman’s got time for that.


They’re so much more settled in life

An established man with a sorted career is what you need. Because A – He will never be jealous of what you do and the career choices you make, because he’s been there. And, B – He’ll actually help and encourage you to make the move you’ve been dreading. Absolutely no insecurities there.


His manners will bowl you over

If your man is older than you, you know what I’m talking about. The respect with which they treat you is unseen among men in their early 20s. And these gentlemen can bowl you over with tiny gestures like opening a door, and holding your hand when crossing the road. These definitely count. 


Their years of experience makes them a better lover

Ahem ahem, you know what I’m talking about. Now older men know exactly what to do and how to do it. They’ll make sure that you have a good time, they’ll respect your choices and will not finish soon before you’re done. He’ll channel all your right chakras.


Deeper understanding 

There’s no denying that a man with maturity in age and thoughts will be able to match your wavelength much better. The older man will let you do the things you want to and will encourage you to maintain your individuality.


When they settle, they make sure they’re in for the long haul

He has seen the world, and the different types of ladies out there. So it’s safe to say that this man is done with everything in his past. And when he decides to be with you, he’s made his mind and there’s no power in the world that will shake his resolve. Also, he comes with a lesser emotional baggage.


Their attractiveness is beyond comparison

Just like we said earlier, it’s hard not to look twice and ogle at the brilliance of a matured man, especially if he has the whole silver fox thingy going on for him. I mean can you really look past a guy like Philippe Dumas or Alessandro Manfredini


Your conversations will be of this world and beyond

Since your man is older, he’s seen the world and more people than you have. And he knows how to carry on a conversation – from gossiping to talking about politics, to the workings of the world and the plans he has for the two of you, this man can talk about everything and anything under the sun.


Emotional stability

If you’re dating an older man, then you’re all in with your feelings already. Because man, this guy has some magnetic charm that makes you feel safe around them. And you don’t have a care in the world when you’re with them because no matter what, you know both of you will figure it out.


They’re still in touch with their inner child

No matter how old they might get, their hearts will always be young. Their inner child will keep things surprising and spontaneous, and they’ll win your heart everyday. 


Some younger men kinda have all these qualities, but that’ll not make us fancy older men any less. Because no matter what, older men will always have that old school charm.